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And you learn...

On a personal note.....


There is only one chance to enjoy today, before it leaves.

Never again to be seen once it slips away.

...and you learn.

Each moment is a gift to be seized.

Held onto tightly, yet so tenderly.

There are no guarantees within this life.

...and you learn.

Friends need to be told of their presence in your life.

Lovers have to fall in love daily. All over again.

...and you learn.

A day missed is such a shame.

A smile not appreciated can never be.

A kiss not returned is not a kiss.

...and you learn.

Hearing I love you is a precious moment.

Saying I love you may seem like time stands still.

It really doesn't.

...and you learn.

Today can never be repeated, no matter how hard you wish.

The best you can do is to enjoy each day like it could be your last.

Always remember just how fragile life can be.

...and you learn

Have a Happy and Blessed Autumn Friday!


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