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Affirmations Welcome Your Emotions

1. I will allow myself to feel each and every emotion that comes through my life today.

2. I will not shy away from emotions that make me uncomfortable.

3. I will embrace even the most difficult emotions so I can learn from them.

4. I will control the emotions I am feeling through my thoughts

5. I am going to speak honestly with myself and my friends about my emotions.

6. I know I can express my emotions instead of repressing them.

7. I will not ignore my emotions or push them down.

8. With each passing day, I am learning more and more to control my emotions.

9. Although I sometimes feel scary emotions, I will remain calm.

10. When someone expresses their emotions to me, I will receive them graciously before I respond.

11. Emotions are a form of communication, and I will use mine to communicate love and calmness to others.

12. Every time I fail in welcoming my emotions, I will learn from my failure to do better next time.

13. I am in control of my emotions, and I will take responsibility for anything I do while I am feeling my emotions.

14. I will work to make my mind a more positive place for both me and my emotions.

15. I will work to properly interpret the emotions of others.

16. I have confidence in myself and my emotions.

17. When my mood changes, I will take note and ask myself why my mood changed.

18. No longer will I hide my emotions from myself or others.

19. Feeling emotions is a normal part of life for me, and those around me.

20. When I am stressed, I will work to remain calm as not to hurt others.


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