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Affirmations Tune into Your Emotions

1. I need to listen to the emotions I am feeling.

2. My emotions can help guide me to make decisions if I take the time to tune into them.

3. Although some emotions may be uncomfortable, I need to listen to what they are telling me.

4. I am not afraid to express my emotions to others.

5. I am not afraid to tell others about my emotions.

6. I do not need any special permission to experience my emotions.

7. I am not defined by my emotions.

8. I can feel my emotions without allowing them to take control of me.

9. I will work to investigate any feeling I am experiencing.

10. I will find the root cause of my negative emotions.

11. Emotions are a gift; I will treat them as such.

12. It is okay to feel a lot of emotions at once, as long as I take the time to pay attention to them individually.

13. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, as long as I work towards healing.

14. Feeling sad is part of life, I will investigate sad feelings and lead myself to happy feelings.

15. When I feel a feeling I will investigate why I am feeling it.

16. I don’t need to change my emotions to suit others.

17. My emotions belong to me alone and only I can experience my emotions.

18. I will take time to evaluate my emotions each and every day.

19. I have enough room in my heart for every emotion.

20. I am the only one who has power over my emotions.


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