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Affirmations to Tame Anger

1. I will not let my anger control me; I am in charge of my anger.

2. When I feel angry, I will take a few deep breaths before I respond to calm myself.

3. I will not take my anger out on anyone else.

4. I will take steps each and every day to manage my anger.

5. Learning to manage anger is a process and I will forgive myself when I make a mistake.

6. I will let go of past angers, there is no point holding on to grudges.

7. I can make my anger productive; I will not let it be destructive.

8. I cannot control other people, I can only control how I react to them.

9. I will learn to diffuse my anger.

10. I don’t have to feel ashamed that I get angry, I just need to learn how to manage it properly.

11. I will not repress my anger and let it build up, instead I will discuss it in a calm manner.

12. I will tell people when something they are doing is causing me anger.

13. There is no need to feel threatened, I am always in charge of me.

14. Instead of physically expressing my anger, I need to express it with words.

15. I need to be patient; my turn will come even if the wait seems long.

16. I am not responsible for the anger of others; I can only change my own anger.

17. I will work to make my life more peaceful and relaxing so I experience anger less.

18. As I work on my anger, it is becoming easier for me to control it.

19. I want a better life therefore I will learn to manage my anger so it doesn’t interfere with my dreams.

20. I will never damage things belonging to others because I am angry.


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