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Affirmations of Intention to Feel Joy and Happiness

1. Today I will find happiness and joy in the smallest of things.

2. My life is amazing and everything I do brings me happiness and joy.

3. It is very easy to find joy every day, I just have to look for it.

4. I know the things that make me happy in life and I will work to keep them close.

5. I will always look at the Brightside to find my joy.

6. There is always room for more happiness and joy in my life.

7. I will do my best to always bring happiness and joy to others.

8. When people ask if I am happy, I say yes because it is true.

9. I am grateful for all the people in my life who help me to find joy and happiness.

10. I take care of my body which helps me to feel joy and happiness.

11. I will work to fill my home with the feeling of joy and happiness.

12. I am constantly working to improve my life with the intention of feeling joy and happiness.

13. I will not allow people who don’t bring joy into my life to stay.

14. When something negative happens, I will focus on the positive and find a way for that event to bring me joy.

15. I begin each day with a smile because I know happiness is a choice.

16. My mind is at peace; I will go to bed at night with a quiet mind.

17. I will let go of anything that doesn’t bring me happiness or joy, including people.

18. I work to let go of my stress and anxiety each day, replacing it instead with joy.

19. I can control my thoughts to only focus on those that bring me joy.

20. With each breath I breathe I feel happiness and joy spreading to every corner of my being.


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