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Affirmations for Expressing My Emotions

1. I am allowed to express my emotions.

2. I am in control when I express my emotions.

3. I will never lie to others about how I am feeling.

4. It is my right to show the world who I truly am.

5. I always say what is on my mind.

6. I will stand up for myself and those I love.

7. I am in touch with my feelings on a daily basis.

8. I am not ashamed to show others how I feel.

9. Expressing my emotions doesn’t make me weak, it makes me human.

10. My family and friends will never judge me for showing my emotions.

11. I will not bottled up my emotions.

12. I will share my opinions with others in a controlled manner.

13. It is easy for me to show my emotions to others.

14. Each day I gain more courage to express my emotions to others.

15. Expressing my emotions is a normal occurrence for me.

16. I enjoy showing others how I am feeling.

17. Expressing my emotions to others is healthy.

18. When I express my emotions I feel better.

19. I learn when I make mistakes expressing my emotions.

20. I will never let expressing my emotions get out of my control.


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