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Affirmations for Cultivating Joy

1. I will be present in the moment and pay attention to all the small things around me.

2. Each day is a gift, and I will receive it as such.

3. I will begin each and every day with excitement in my heart.

4. No one controls my happiness except for me.

5. I feel joyful and happy.

6. It is my right to feel joy and happiness in this life.

7. I will let positive energy flow through me and to others.

8. I am worthy of feeling happiness and joy whenever I please.

9. I will carry gratefulness in my heart for this life I have been given.

10. It is my responsibility to create my own joy in this life.

11. I am a beautiful person, both inside and out.

12. I will use creativity to cultivate my joy.

13. I am creating the best life possible for myself.

14. I am responsible for every feeling I feel.

15. I can build time for joy and happiness into my life.

16. True joy comes from within, not from outside sources.

17. I am proud of my ability to experience joy and happiness.

18. Joy is limitless in this world, and I can experience as much as I want.

19. I deserve to live in the joyful world I dream of.

20. Each and every day brings gifts into my life that I will greet with joy.


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