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Affirmation Basics Series - Writing Affirmations


Positive affirmations are simply a self talk. This will help you reach whatsoever goals you have set for yourself. They may, in reality, switch your thoughts, resulting from that negative self talk to those more powerful positive thoughts.

Being Positive

While at first it might appear rather obvious, it may seem so unnecessary to include a chapter helping individuals to compose their own favorable affirmations. Having stated that, I do have suggestions that you might wish to consider if composing your own affirmations. Affirmations that are not only favorable in intent, but specifically and cautiously written by yourself with your events and problems in mind.

To effectively move your life positively and successfully forward, I suppose the most obvious place to start this rewarding exercise, would be to begin by listing and defining the precise reasons why you are wishing to compile and implement your own personalized affirmations in the first place.

Put differently, the issues, damaging thinking or problems that you are wishing to modify or improve can be dealt with by affirmations.

While it’s much easier and simpler to utilize predefined affirmations generically written by somebody else, in all truthfulness, affirmations penned by the individual are typically more centered and mighty than their counterparts. I’m not of course discouraging you from utilizing prewritten affirmations, for they are incredibly useful, but experience suggests that more serious topics seem to react more favorably to more personalized and delicately tuned affirmations.

To help illustrate this point, I'll provide a fictitious example of a girl that we will name Emily, who experienced what she may only describe as bullying from one of her co-workers, who we'll name Joe, leaving Emily feeling more and more depressed, bitter and mad.

Along with other actions, Emily decided to introduce affirmations into her day-to-day routine, in the hope that these favorable statements would start to strengthen and increase her dropping confidence and inside strength.

Below are examples of the favorable affirmations that Emily thought about, the first is merely a prewritten affirmation as you may find at another source.

While the second affirmation was cautiously and mindfully written by herself. While both are appropriately useful, the second affirmation written by Emily, is more individualized and tailored towards her particular issue and problem, so understandably more effective.

I will not permit bullies to come into the sacred space of my soul.

Example of a personalized self penned affirmation

I will not allow Joe to manipulate, bully or disrespect me. I'll remain calm, strong and resilient at all times.

As you may see, the self written affirmation is more personalized, specifically mentioning Emily's bully by name, along with the fashion and way that Emily is wishing to react.

Two crucial tips that you might wish to think about when writing your own affirmations. However, simply a word of caution, while it might be tempting to write something damaging about the issues, individuals or issue causing your distress, Joe in Emily's example.

This would entirely alter the dynamic and purpose of what should be a favorable, self-empowering exercise into something rather damaging.

For while Emily mentioned Joe in our affirmation, Emily is merely self affirming how she would personally like to respond and react, and not inferring harm or negativity toward Joe, this would be damaging and unloving.


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