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6 Experiences That Boost Wellbeing and Help Us Thrive

We all have had exceptional experiences that helped us thrive and taught us some of life's most important lessons. While some of these experiences are a delight to recall, others might be pretty embarrassing.

However, studies have shown that these experiences boosted our well-being as we wouldn't be who we are today without them. The famous saying "Experience is the best teacher" comes to mind.

We all have unique life experiences in life, and we learn something new from every experience. Intelligent people also learn from the experiences of other people.

While these experiences are many and different for each individual, some memorable core experiences in everyone's life boost well-being and helps us thrive while making us seek the best life can offer.

Being In Love

The feeling of being in love is enchanting; you'll finally understand what having butterflies in your stomach means. You'll wonder how you were ever happy before finding your partner.

You'll find yourself melting in your seats or blushing at a glance from your partner, and you'll find yourself joyful to see them and sad when you have to say goodbye. The feelings love brings are endless and studies show that falling in love is one of life's most meaningful experiences that boost well-being.


The feeling of going on a trip is fantastic and brings an unrivaled adrenaline rush. The planning required for the trip itself is a source of tremendous and helpful self-building experiences that makes us better.

The trip itself is lovely, learning a new culture, enjoying delicious meals, endless sightseeing, and making new friends with the locals or fellow travelers. At the end of a trip, you'd be left feeling fulfilled, happy, and proud of the achievement.

Getting A Pet

Getting a pet was for a vast majority of people the first time they were responsible for anyone but themselves. Even people who had their first pet when they were adults report that getting a pet instilled a feeling of accountability.

They were responsible for someone else's well-being; bathing, feeding, or taking their pets for a walk all contributed to shaping us. Apart from instilling a sense of responsibility in us, having a pet is a source of great and joyful memories.

Various studies and experiences have shown that getting a pet is a source of some of life's most emotionally fulfilling years.


While love is great and powerful, not all love is meant to be, and it'll eventually end. This experience can be harrowing every time it occurs, even more so when it's your first time. It might mark the first time you cry for someone who isn't sick or has passed on.

You'll probably spend days in bed remembering all the great memories and wondering why it had to end. You'll likely wonder why your chest hurts and then realize much later why it's called "heartbreak."

As sad as this experience is, it's one of the most important experiences that help shape us into better people.

Entering College or Continuing Education

While most people feel they are adequately prepared for college after graduating high school, the reality is that college would always be filled with surprises.

Maybe it's the overabundance of attractive and diverse gatherings of people. It might be the shock you got after going through your course curriculum and being genuinely afraid of the amount of reading you'll have to do.

College is usually more prominent than any other place you have been used to, and it comes with an array of unique, beautiful, and bitter-sweet experiences that helps us thrive.

Being Employed

Like when you entered college, joining the workforce expands your horizons and makes the world seem a little bigger. You'll likely have coworkers from different walks of life and be required to collaborate with them in a team.

The experience of being employed helps us thrive by helping us take charge of our future. It arms us with the relevant knowledge and expertise required to propel us to where we want to be.

Life offers countless essential experiences that boost well-being and helps us thrive.

While not all of these experiences are joyous, they all teach us vital life lessons that helped shaped us into better versions of ourselves.

We shouldn't shy away from bad experiences as they are opportunities to learn, grow, and create new and exciting adventures.


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