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5 Tips to Lighten Your Spirit


Life’s changes and unpredictability can leave your spirit feeling less than optimal. If your spirit is feeling especially heavy, there are tips and tricks you can use to lighten your spirit again and return to a happier headspace.

Tip 1: Squeeze in some exercise.

Getting plenty of physical movement is a great way to lighten your spirit. When you’re having a rough day or it feels like things just aren’t going your way, make an effort to get some extra exercise during the day.

Make sure you choose an exercise you genuinely enjoy. Whether you hit the gym, seek out a new hiking trail, or attend a yoga class, letting your mind relax while you work your body is an excellent way to lighten your spirit and keep your body feeling great.

Tip 2: Spend time out in nature.

Being outdoors is another wonderful way to lighten your spirit. When you’re feeling extra heavy, get outside for a walk or simply find a place to relax in nature.

Disconnecting yourself from humanity for a brief time can instantly lighten your spirit. When you’re out enjoying nature, make an effort to focus on what your senses are detecting. Make yourself exist fully in the moment by being mindful of the sounds you hear, the smells of the outdoors, the textures of items you can touch, the taste of the fresh air, and all the sights you can see.

Tip 3: Catch up with a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Laughter is some of life’s best medicine. To help your spirit feel instantly lighter, reach out to an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to recently.

Listen to your friend’s stories, tell jokes, and talk about what’s been happening in your lives. Speaking with your friend or family member will instantly lighten your mood and help you forget what was bringing you down before you contacted them.

As a bonus, if something is really bothering you, a close friend or family member can help offer some perspective on your dilemma.

Tip 4: Take a nap.

There’s a reason why human beings spend roughly one third of their lives asleep. Sleep is the ultimate reset button for your body. When you’re sleeping, your body is working hard to relax and restore itself for the next day.

If you’re feeling down and need to lighten your spirit, consider taking a short nap. Often, this extra dose of rest is exactly what you need to lift your mood and lighten your spirit. While sleep can make our bodies feel physically better, it can also help you feel better mentally as well.

A short rest is often a great way to hit the “pause” button on something that is bothering you. Once you awake refreshed and with a clear, rested mind, you can revisit the issue and try to solve the problem burdening your spirit.

Tip 5: Give yourself some space to be artistic or creative.

Find an artistic or creative activity you enjoy and make sure you give yourself time to do it! While some folks may see activities such as dancing, painting, crafting, writing, or other forms of expression as a waste of productive energy, they’re actually quite the opposite!

Expressing yourself artistically and creatively is an excellent way to lighten your mood. Often, folks who let themselves be creative find ways to express their frustrations, emotions, and other spirit-burdening feelings through their creativity. At the end of a good creative session, you’ll often find yourself feeling much better and spiritually lighter.


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