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Wildlife Gardening

To take organic gardening to the next level why not try wildlife gardening. Similar to synergistic planting the only extra is to create an environment to lure wildlife for example birds, squirrels etc. The aim is to create a small nature reserve in your garden by using plants wisely.

A plus about wildlife gardening is that is does not cost a lot of money. Look at the plants around your countryside to determine what type of vegetation grows. Create the same type of gardening scenario to stay true to the area. The closer you get to creating a similar environment the greater the chances are that wildlife will move in.

Variety is important when you are planning the garden. Think of the different types of species and the surroundings they live in. Establish a haven retreat that consists out water streams, trees, flowers and herbs to make the creatures feel at home. Weeds for a normal garden will not be tolerated but with a wildlife garden it forms part of the beauty of nature.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the garden needs to be user friendly. The possibility of making a small section of the garden wildlife can arise. You need to establish if you will be using the garden as a retreat to get away from everything or if you want to use the garden for practical purposes like for example vegetable garden.

Finding the right balance between yourself and nature can be a challenge. Giving back to the environment and preserving wildlife can be very rewarding. Wildlife gardening brings a level of peace and satisfaction. You realize your purpose on earth by feeling part of conservation.

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