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Synergistic Planting

Synergistic planting is an organic gardening system established by Emelia Hazelip. The entire system evolves where plants naturally fertilize the soil without intervention. The synergistic agriculture principles are: No chemical treatments; usage of organic or chemical fertilizers; compacting soil or cultivation are allowed.

There are a few steps to consider when you do the layout for synergistic planting:

  • Raised beds will prevent compacting of soil due to the fact they are never trend on as well as the covering mulch prevents the rain from forming a crust.

  • Use biodegradable material to create a mulch cover for example cardboard. The mulch helps to get rid of the original vegetation. Remember if you plant in the spring it is important to open up the mulch so that soil can warm up.

  • Do not only plant vegetables and herbs, plant a variety of flowers throughout the garden.

  • After harvesting leave the parts of plant that is not being used in the ground. Plants need to finish their life-cycle to activate the synergistic process.

Synergistic gardening is a skill that you can only learn by trial and error. If you want the gardening method to work you need to gain knowledge by doing research on the matter. The main factor to keep in mind is that the entire process needs to be natural. Let nature take its course for example if you plant onions, leeks or garlic on the side of the garden beds. They act as pest controllers.

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