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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Peace originates from the soul and is the sacred inner ambiance in which true happiness, and contentment evolves.

Through meditation, creative visualization, and focus one can experience an unwavering, calm, silent inner peace that can be a permanently comforting environment for all harmonious or even troublesome events demanded by life’s responsibilities. Lasting happiness lies in maintaining this evenly peaceful state of mind. It is through this peaceful, calm state that enables you to listen, feel, and experience God’s presence. To me the concept of God means an invisible intelligence that animates our world and provides wisdom and love to guide our lives.

Some may refer to this wisdom as intuition. Intuition simply the guidance of God within. As you listen to the “guidance within,” you will not only hear the directions you need for creating a life of peace, harmony and meaning, but you will also find your receive abundance of instructions for living the life of your dreams.

Take time in your day to remain silent, and calm, listen. Find your own direction. Remember, everything you do should be done with peace, goodwill and love. That is the best medicine for your body, mind, and soul. It is the most wonderful way to live.

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