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The Power of the Mind

The mind is a powerful tool, and when brought into alignment with the heart, it can allow you to create the joyful, healthy and happy life experiences that you desire. As you cultivate a practice of quieting the mind and deepening self-awareness, you can go beyond the limitations of the mind, and connect more deeply with your Heart and your Creator.

The thoughts and beliefs that you focus on, direct the flow of your life energy, creating the experiences that reflect these beliefs and thoughts. Your life experiences, your relationships, even your physical, mental and emotional health are all manifestations of how you are focusing your concentration.

Sometimes we find ourselves focusing on negative thoughts from the past, or anxiety about the future, which cause anguish. Sometimes these negative thoughts seem to be beyond our control. This can point to repressed emotional trauma being held in the body, which is being expressed through subconscious (and often repetitive) thought patterns. In order to heal these wounds, it is necessary to release the emotional energy that has been suppressed. By releasing repressed emotion and bringing acceptance to our past experiences, you can bring the subconscious parts of our mind (the broken record) into our conscious awareness, allowing the old thought patterns to be dissolved.

Changing certain negative thought patterns may simply be a matter of reprogramming your brain with thoughts that are self-loving and positive, while other negative patterns may require deeper investigation in order to heal the unresolved emotional wounds.

Guided visualizations, meditation, breathe work, intention setting, and mindful awareness techniques, all help to increase self-awareness and bring greater understanding to subconscious thought patterns and repressed emotion. The more we become the conscious observer of our mind, the less control our subconscious mind has over us, and the more we understand what thoughts and past experiences are motivating our current behavior. Through the process of healing we can uncover our mind’s creative potential. It takes practice, awareness and commitment, but the results are life changing!

The more you can see what is motivating your thoughts, emotions, and actions, the more choice you will have, and the more likely you will choose to create the energy and lifestyle that does not cause suffering (this happens in every moment as a decision to release negativity and tension, allowing

love to flow into your body through self acceptance). This is a powerful step along the path of healing. If you need additional assistance, please contact us, we are here to support and teach you.

Remember through meditation you can heal, grow, and improve your life!

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