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10 Ways to Attract Things that you Want in your Life Series

Develop A Positive Mindset


Unfortunately our world is full of negativity. If you switch on the news then it is all doom and gloom. You will know people in your social circle that are always complaining about something. If you let it then this negativity can rub off on you. Becoming a negative person will never help you to attract what you want.

We have already explained that when you send negative vibrations to the Universe you will get negative things in return. The Universe will give you what you ask for and if you are always complaining then it will give you more things to complain about.

Make the transition to positive thinking. If you are always having negative thoughts about yourself then neutralize these with positive thoughts. For example if you think “you are just not good enough for this job” think “I can do any job well”.

One of the things that we highly recommend is the creation and regular use of positive affirmations. Here you make positive statements about yourself and read these out loud (or think them to yourself) at least once a day.

Here are some examples:

  • I am a great person and I can do anything

  • I am not afraid of new challenges and embrace them

  • I am confident and nothing fazes me

  • Every day I am getting better and better

You need to write your own positive affirmations that you are happy with. The most important thing is that they are really positive and show yourself in a good light. Keep them with you and say them every morning for a great start to your day.


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