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10 Ways to Attract Things that you Want in your Life Series

Decide What you Want


One of the main reasons that people are unable to manifest the things that they truly want in life is because they are constantly distracted by things that that they don’t want and need. Maybe you are working longer hours at your job for a promotion that you don’t really want? Or perhaps you are mingling with a group of people but don’t really want to do this.

You should never waste your precious time and energy on things that you don’t need or want. A lot of people will do these things because they want to be seen doing them. But where does that actually get you? Maybe you will receive the odd compliment from time to time but if it is not making you happy then you need to stop doing it.

When you are unhappy you send out negative vibrations to the universe. And guess what? The Universe thinks that you want to be unhappy so it will send you more things to be unhappy about! Always remember that “like attracts like”.

Fortunately you can break this pattern and put an end to spending time and effort on things you don’t want or need. It may not be easy for you at first but it is certainly possible. So just as you did when you were thinking about what you really want from your life, take some time out to assess what you don’t want.

This should be very easy for you to do. After all you know what things you are doing that don’t make you happy right? If your job makes you unhappy then add this to the list. There are different jobs available or you could start your own business for example. Once you have written your list think about how you will stop doing these things.


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