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Stress and Anxiety Technique Series - Strategies to Reduce Stress Over Time


As you can see, there are many things you can do right now to reduce stress and anxiety but if you are under a lot of stress, you need to put into place ways reduce it over the long term.

Compromise with others when possible. Is it really worth the aches and pains of stress to argue? Give in once in a while. It'll make you a more empathetic person.

Don't overbook your time. Fill your calendar, yes. Overfill, no. Fit in time to relax and play. Your kids need you now while they are young, so enjoy them. You will have time for the long business meetings, the all-day forum chats, and the housework when they are older.

Don't worry about your future or your past. Live in the now. You can't sit and worry about your future while you are focusing on the present.

If you have set goals and are working toward them, you are preparing as best you can for the future. Don't worry about what might happen in the future, what bad or good things are going to happen, the could-be or I-wish-that, the what-ifs or should-haves.

Thinking and worrying about the bad things that happened in the past causing stress. Think about it for a minute then let it go. You did it, it was a mistake, and it's over and done with now so why let it stress you out.

Everyone in this world makes mistakes. Admit when you do and move on. Life is too short to worry through it. You can’t enjoy life if you worry or stress over things every day.

Be Positive. Continually thinking “I can't”, “No one understands”, and “I have to do this perfectly or I will be a failure” can cause lots of stress. Change the way you think.

Say “I can do this” “I have lots of support who understand” or “ It doesn't have to be perfect for me to be a success.”

Don't complain about everything. If something is bothering you, like the kids won't pick up their toys or the laundry always needs doing, change it. Teach the kids the importance of cleaning up their toys or try to do a load of laundry a day.

Take regular time off. Plan regular vacations and long weekends when you can to get away from your daily stress. It's not a sign you're a bad person—it means you're willing to take care of you, so you'll be able to take care of everyone in your life.

Don't try to be perfect. No one is. As the saying goes, if something isn't exactly as you wanted when planning your party, who will know? The same goes in life. Who is going to know if you don't dust under the china cabinet or you take a shortcut in cleaning. No one should expect you to be perfect. It's not realistic.

Create pleasant surroundings. Pleasing sights, sounds and aromas help reduce tension. Turn down the TV or stereo. Clear the clutter to feel less scattered and distracted. Open a window to let in some fresh air. Set a bouquet of fresh flowers on a table. Bake a loaf of bread or a batch of cookies.

Make your home your sanctuary. Fill it with things you love and want around you. Paint it and decorate with soothing colors that make you calm and happy. Keep the clutter out, especially your bedroom and living areas.

Pamper yourself with little luxuries. Thick, fluffy towels, a beautiful blanket, scented soaps, and candles will make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa. There is nothing more comforting than slipping into bed under freshly laundered sheets.

Cut out the busy noise. Turn off the cell phone. If it rings constantly, pick a time during the day to turn it off for thirty minutes to an hour. Turn off the computers and televisions for at least an hour daily. In fact, limit your television viewing to one to 2 hours a day. The constant noise of every day only adds more stress.

Encourage fewer after school activities for the kids. Let them pick one or two activities they really enjoy, then get rid of the rest. You will have less running time and more family time at home.

Enjoy Nature. Go to a park, river, lake or just sit outside and relax. Listen to the water, the birds, the wind and all of nature's glory. Clear your mind and let your body relax.

Ask for help. If your day is too full, ask your kids, family, or friends if they can help out in some way. Maybe the kids can clean their room or help load the dishwasher. Ask a friend or family member to care for your child while you do some work.

There are many ways you can reduce and manage stress without adding more stress to your already hectic day. Take a good look at your days and everything in your life. Figure out what you can get rid of, whether its physical, material, obligations or people that cause you stress.