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Master Self-Discipline


Self-discipline is not a walk in the park for many people. In fact, it’s quite hard to muster and most will fail in their first few attempts. Now, you don’t need to live the life of a monk in order to master self- discipline (they do seem to be awfully good at discipline!) but if you want to succeed, you’d need plenty of patience and perseverance. Oh, and you need lots of time, too! After all, mastering self-discipline doesn’t happen overnight. Be 100% Committed To Your Goal Plan and visualize your goal right down to the tiniest details. This step alone takes a lot of self-discipline because you’re basically going to create a roadmap for your success. And to see your goal to fruition, you’d have to be a hundred percent committed. To see it through to the end, you’d have to exercise self-control in many situations and your discipline will see to it that you finish your course according to plan. Don’t Be The Biggest Obstacle To Your Success You might not know it, but you are probably the biggest roadblock to your success. Your fears and your insecurities might be holding you back from reaching your goals. Do you fear success? Are you afraid of failing? If you answered yes to either question, then you are sabotaging yourself. If you want to achieve something and be somebody in life, then you’re not going to allow your inner self to undermine your efforts. You have to go after your dreams and work hard every single day.

If you want to be a concert pianist, you’re going to practice for hours on end each and every day. You’ll have the discipline to practice every morning, after school or work, and before you go to bed. If you start thinking you’re never going to be good enough, then you will never be good enough.

Say No Like You Mean It

Sometimes we say no to temptation the first or second time it’s offered to us. But on the third or fourth attempt, your defense starts to crumble, and you slowly give in to the tempting and probably mouth-watering offer.

If you’re truly disciplined, you’ll learn to say no like you actually mean it. Say no in such a way that the person doing the tempting and distracting will actually understand what you mean.

Because if they sense your no is actually a maybe, they’ll persist and continue to knock on your door until you have no choice but to give in.


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