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Mindful Eating Series - 8 Tips About Mindful Eating When Dining Out


One of the most difficult things for some people when it comes to eating mindfully is to be mindful even when they are eating out. Many people have no choice but to eat out due to work but just as many people enjoy eating out, and you should get to enjoy it too. You can eat out without ruining your health while eating mindfully.

* Research the Destination First – Go online and look at the menu before you go if you've never gone before. If you are part of the planning, make sure to pick a place that has good food cooked from scratch that can be adjusted to anyone's needs.

* Order as Planned – Using the information you gathered by looking at the menu online, you can choose what to order before you even go. You can also call them to find out if you can change anything to customize an order. At most from-scratch kitchens, this is possible.

* Ask for a To-Go Box Right Away – Most restaurants serve very large portions. Some of the portions are enough for four people. A serving size of pasta is about the size of a tennis ball. Put the extra away so that you only leave the right amount of food on your plate. Remember, you can get more.

* Check Your Hunger Level Often – Before you get to the place, and while you're eating, periodically check your hunger level. Don't keep shoving food in while you're talking just because it's there. Consciously check your hunger and push the food away from your research when you're done so you can focus on the others.

* Enjoy Your Friends – Focus on the people who are with you once you're done eating. The best part of going out with friends is your friends. Ask lots of questions and catch up on everything about them. That's the real treat of eating out with friends.

* Notice All Aspects of the Food Presentation – Going out to eat is fun because you don't have to fix it. Right? Well, another aspect that is fun is just all the aspects that go into making this meal for you. At some places, the chef will be happy to come to tell you where all the food was sourced and how they make it.

* Treat the Event as an Experience – This is not just a dinner. This is not just a night with friends. This is an experience in and of itself. Going to a nice place to eat, having someone else make great food for you, and then getting to taste it and experience it is a fun thing to do. Plus, if it's an experience you'll choose the destination more wisely.

* Enjoy Dessert If You Want To – Don't think for one minute that eating mindfully means you cannot have dessert. You can. But you might only have a couple bites because you realize you're only mouth hungry and not really hungry at all.

When you eat out, treat the experience as an event in your life that deserves your full presence. From the moment you walk into the restaurant, you'll want to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and ambiance of the place. When you receive your food, you want to appreciate each bit of food for the work that went into creating it and the flavor that explodes in your mouth. Enjoy it all. That's what mindfulness is about.


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