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Is Changing Yourself Really Possible – What It Takes


What do you dislike about yourself?

You didn't have to think too hard or too long to come up with at least one thing, did you It's fairly easy to put your finger on something about yourself you wish wasn't the case, whether it's a physical trait or part of your personality. When you think about those things you don't like, do you also think about what you could do to change things? Or do you just shrug and assume you can't change.

Is changing yourself really possible? Yes. The big question, however, is what it takes to change, isn't it? A leopard might not be able to change its spots, but that doesn't mean you're in the same boat. Here's the thing, it isn't going to be as simple as wiggling your nose or snapping your fingers. It takes time to build habits and establish patterns. It would be nice if it were as easy as that, but change takes work.

Change Is A Process

The first step in the changing process is awareness. It might seem like an obvious statement, but it apparently isn't. If you are accustomed to blaming others for your problems, then you lack self-awareness. If you blame the negative aspects of your life on bad luck, then you lack self-awareness. If you have been walking through life dazed and confused, then you are living in denial, not in self-awareness. Think about it – how on earth will you be able to make any changes if you can't recognize how your thoughts, actions, and behaviors led you to this point right now?

It isn't enough to be self-aware, however, you have to be self-aware without judgment. It's a bit like you would look at something from the outside, an emotionless recognition of the problem.

Yet, you can be aware of bad habits and not change. So, what's the missing component?


A casual attitude towards change is not going to make change happen. A week of dieting isn't going to deliver your weight loss goals. Two-weeks of dieting and exercise are not going to deliver your weight loss goals. You have to overhaul your lifestyle and commit to effecting change.

Self-discipline. That's the missing component you need to effect change. You recognize what needs to be changed, why it needs to change, and what it takes to change. It should be easy from here on out, right? Well, it's going to be uncomfortable at first, change always is. You may experience resistance, but here's the thing… if you change your mindset and view change as the opportunity for personal growth versus an unwanted burden, then you can be unstoppable. You should not view the world the same now as you did when you were 20 and if you did you've been standing still.

Summing Up

Even small changes can deliver great benefits to your life. The best place to get started is with small steps. Positive change can increase your confidence, boost your career, enrich your relationships, and empower you. That's quite the pay-off from making small changes to improve yourself.

So, is changing yourself really possible? Of course, it is! Anything is possible if you're prepared to commit to carrying it out. What it takes is intention, focus, self-awareness, self-discipline, and consistency. If you've got grit, then you can change.

Start paying attention to why you think certain thoughts and act in certain ways, follow the trail back to the starting point, and decide what you need to change. Once you have a good handle on what to change, it will become easier to create plans to change.