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5 Useless Beliefs That Block Inner Peace

Many people look to outside factors and their surroundings in an attempt to find inner peace without even realizing it. Inner peace can only come within and stems from our deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves and the way we react to different situations.

There are many beliefs that you have likely experienced subconsciously that sink your sense of self-confidence and overall happiness. By analyzing the thoughts and beliefs that occur in your mind each day, you can shift to a more positive and confident outlook on life full of peace and serenity.

“Once I get what I want I will feel better”

This belief is a very common way that we get wrapped up in our surroundings and allow them to guide us and determine our wellbeing. When we understand that feeling good and being happy comes from within, we will no longer experience these restricting views.

In order to truly practice gratitude and be present in the moment, we have to allow our inner peace to guide us regardless of our situations or aspirations. Although it is important to have desires and goals, it is important to not let them determine our quality of life and satisfaction on the inside.

“People are always out to get me”

Although we do not usually say this out loud, our subconscious holds restricting beliefs like these that prevent us from achieving our goals and aspirations. When you are constantly focused on what others think of you and how they will react, the anxiety guides your life and you will not feel at peace on the inside.

Rather than expecting that people are going against you, accept the fact that not everyone will like you and let go of seeking approval from others. Allowing others to have their own opinions and not being afraid of them or letting them get in the way of your own views can allow you to get a lot further in your life than you would expect.

“I should be able to work harder”

Comparing our work ethic or other components of our lives like appearance or social skills blocks our confidence and prevents us from experiencing inner peace. Although you may look at others and think that they are better than you, you have to realize that everyone is different, and comparison can only hold you back.

Focusing on how you can improve your own qualities and traits rather than trying to be like someone else can make you feel less stressed and you will in turn have higher confidence levels.

Comparison can have negative impacts on friendships and even relationships and will always get in the way of inner joy and happiness.

“I could never do that”

Doubting yourself and your capabilities is one of the most powerful ways that your subconscious restricts you from achieving your desires and goals. When you see someone performing on stage or completing something you have always aspired to do, it can be easy to think that you could never be capable.

When you think these things, you are not able to have the confidence you need to accomplish these things. Taking a step back and realizing that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to will allow you to be more motivated and at peace from within.

“Inner peace is impossible”

When we read books about meditation and other peace techniques, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and not capable. It can feel like these qualities take years and years to build up and we have to make a lot of sacrifices to experience inner peace.

Often times the best way to find inner peace is by letting go of these assumptions and just starting with slowly adjusting your daily life. You will likely see the results sooner than you think and inner peace will flow naturally.

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