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What you will learn from this book:


Switch from a victim mentality

  • Claim your victim status

Detox Tip #1: Stop blaming other people and situations beyond your


  • Take ownership today
  • Unless it hurts, it is not real
  • Do an audit of all your beliefs and take ownership of them
  • Work from where you are (no need to wait until you’re ‘perfect’)
  • Reinterpret your beliefs

Step #2: Detoxify your belief interpretation system


  • Follow these steps to detoxify your mindset
  • Identify an empowering interpretation and repeat it at every opportunity
  • Repeat it until it sets in

Practice Spiritual Detox


  • Be clear about the power of purpose
  • Identify your personal purpose
  •  Identify your spiritual pollutants
  • List your spiritual toxins
  • Let go of spiritual pollutants
  • Turn your back on spiritual junk food
  • Get your moment of truth
  • Trigger your sense of urgency

Practicing Holistic Detox

Start with a mental detox

1: Count your breath
2. Present object observation or single object observation
3. Transcendental meditation

Conduct Emotional detox


  • Practice gratitude
  • Mentally detox by being in the moment
  • Keep a journal and track your progress
  • View all of this as a journey, not a destination

Unleash the Power of Fasting


  • When it comes to physical detox, nothing beats fasting
  • Fasting explained
  • Try Different variations of physical fasting
  • Classic fast
  • The juice fast
  • The Daniel fast
  • Choose the Timing of your fast
  • Scale up when it becomes comfortable

The Complete Detox Guide - Detox Yourself

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