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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series - Meditation


Sometimes, people find themselves so connected with the outside world that they fail to connect with themselves properly. If you need to heal and self-nurture, consider using meditation as a tool to repair your inner self, mind, and spirit.

Meditation is the act of simple reflection through a quieting of the mind. Everyone can approach meditation practices a little differently; to get started, you can follow this basic guide and make changes as you see fit for your preferences and needs:

  • Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted for at least a few minutes.

  • Dim or turn off the lights if possible.

  • Remove any distractions from your space, such as your cell phone.

  • Sit down and close your eyes.

  • Take long, measured deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and allow other thoughts to exit your mind.

  • As you become aware of your breathing pattern, allow yourself to focus on your senses in the moment – what are you feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, and/or seeing in your mind’s eye?


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