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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series Continued -

Having a good understanding of what you want and what makes you feel like you have meaning in life is important. When you seek that true meaning (and eventually find it), you develop a deep sense of satisfaction in your inner self, mind, and spirit.

Often, the journey to determining your life’s meaning can be an exciting healing practice. It’s often laced with adventure, triumph, and new discoveries. If you feel like you need to find the true meaning in your life, treat it as an adventure to heal yourself and soothe your soul.

There are a variety of ways to discover more about who you are and what the meaning of your life truly is. To get started, consider the following strategies:

● Take a class on something new to you that you find intriguing.

● Speak to a professional in a field you want to enter. Ask them lots of questions.

● Practice visualization to picture where you want to see yourself in the future.

● Keep a written list of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Revisit it often and revise as needed.

● Pick up a new hobby, craft, or activity.

Enjoy Quiet Time And Sit In Silence

Life is extremely busy, noisy, and chaotic – it can be difficult to find a minute to be alone in silence. Finding some quiet time and sitting in silence is an excellent way to heal your inner self, mind, and spirit from the damages caused by an ever-moving world.

Take some time each day to be alone in silence. Let yourself use this quiet time to relax. You may even try introducing meditation or some yoga stretching into this time if you need help silencing a racing, distracted mind.

Me Time

Taking time to focus on yourself is never selfish – it’s necessary to engage in “Me Time” or self-care activities to recharge your personal batteries and take a much needed break from life’s demands. Me Time looks differently for everyone; the most important aspect of taking Me Time is ensuring that you’re choosing activities that make you feel relaxed and refreshed afterward!

To get started enjoying Me Time, consider some of the following self-care activities as inspiration to find what suits you best:

● Getting your hair, nails, or makeup professionally done

● Taking a long, hot shower or bath

● Making time to take a relaxing nap

● Sunbathing or relaxing outdoors

● Going for a massage

● Reading a book or magazine you enjoy

● Completing a jigsaw puzzle

● Listening to a favorite podcast or catching up on a TV show you like

● Indulging in a special treat or dessert

● Going on a long hike or walk outdoors

Disconnect All Digital Devices

In a world where smartphones and social media dominate the way we communicate with others, it’s difficult to completely disconnect yourself from all your digital devices. However, doing so is incredibly healing and self-nurturing.

Set personal limits and boundaries with your digital devices. For example, every evening after work, set a boundary to stop answering work calls and emails until you arrive at the office the next day. An hour before bedtime, put your phone away and opt to read or work on a hobby until bedtime.

Disconnecting from digital devices breaks you away from the constant stream of updates from social media and the 24/7 news cycle. Allowing yourself time away from being “constantly available” to your friends, family, and coworkers’ messages and calls is vitally important to heal and nurture yourself.


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