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Crystal Healing - What Turquoise Can Do

Turquoise gemstone is the healing stone that attunes our physical selves to the greatest realms. It helps us to better comprehend ourselves and to bring our thoughts and emotions under command so we may see them get fruitful in our reality. You've but to stop and listen, be quiet and be prepared to hear the truth about whom and what you are. Simply then will you find your full power.

The Revered Blue/Green

Respected by the Native Americans as sacred, the turquoise gemstone soaks up negativity, transmuting it into valuable energy. It likewise helps you to become one with the cosmos. The real turquoise meaning comes from the heart and the soul of the individual utilizing it.

The list of turquoise gem healing attributes is long and wide-ranging and the assortments of turquoise crystal shapes, sizes and colors that may be utilized are as wide-ranging as the individuals that utilize them.

Worn anyplace on the body, a turquoise gem healing stone will protect and bless the wearer. It's considered a hallowed stone in some cultures, personifying a gift from the gods.

A strand of turquoise gemstone crystal beads worn around the neck soaks up all negativity from the body and brain and helps you formulate your own innate powers. You are able to align your chakras by laying a turquoise stone on each of the chakra points for 3 to 5 minutes whilst the gem executes its work.

If you don't have seven turquoise stones, it might take a trifle longer, however laying a single stone on 1 chakra at one time for the same three to five minutes will still align your chakras for level best power.

A strand of turquoise beads utilized as a bracelet, necklace or even an anklet will help detoxify the body from alcoholic beverages, pollution, poison and radiation. The thought is to wear a circle of beads around one area of the body so as the blood flows backward and forward through the area, the turquoise may purify it.

Anybody that has issues with their lungs, throat or from asthma, may hang a turquoise gemstone from a cord or chain so it hangs immediately over the area causing the issue. This helps the gem energies get as close as possible to the trouble area and start the healing work even quicker.

Those suffering from depressive disorder may sleep with a turquoise gemstone to help lift the depression quicker.

Add a couple of turquoise crystals to a container of water and let it sit outside overnight where the moon may shine on it and then so the sun may shine on it during the day. That evening, pour the turquoise water into a bathtub of bath water, step in, sit down and let the healing energies work on your body.

This same healing elixir may be utilized to soak a sprained or pulled muscle, beef up the body so you may fight off viruses and infections, and assist damaged or cut tissues to mend.

For headaches, soak a cloth in the elixir and put on your brow till the pain disappears.

Have a speaking date coming up? Sleep with a turquoise crystal taped to your neck at night and wear one on a chain round your neck during the day to guarantee your ability to communicate with other people correctly.


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