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Handle Hard Times: Let Go Of Fear


When you are facing a difficult time in your life, you will probably feel a lot of fear. But this fear is a hindrance, as it holds you back from taking the chances which might be necessary to overcome the challenge you are facing. This is why you should take whatever steps possible to let go of fear during hard times.

Embrace Your Fears

The first step to learning to let go of your fears is to embrace them. This is because if you are always in denial, you will never be able to come to the root of what is actually making you fearful in life. One of the best ways to embrace your fears is by writing them down. This may sound silly, but it is quite the feat to put your fears on paper. This may make them seem more real, but this could also make them seem silly too. There’s only one way to find out and that’s by writing down your own fears then evaluating how you feel about them afterwards.

Analyze Your Fears

Once your fears are written down it’s time to analyze them and decide just why you are afraid of them. Sometimes you may be afraid of one thing, but it will manifest as another. For example, the fear of heights is usually related to a fear of falling rather than the actual being up high portion. Thus, someone who is afraid of heights can sometimes be comforted by knowing they won’t fall and why. Your fears may work this same way, and once you analyze them, they may not seem as bad or as imposing as they did before.

Focus On The Good

One of the issues with fears is that you will tend to focus on your fears above all else, and this can make them seem to grow to gigantic proportions. Chances are, your fear isn’t all that scary, and if you stop thinking about it 24/7 it won’t seem as scary or imminent. The best way to stop thinking about your fears is to focus on the good things in your life instead, and then every time a fearful thought comes up block it with a good thought instead.

Have Back-Up Plans

Although you should always aim for your dreams, sometimes your fears will keep you from taking risks. For example, if you are facing hard times because you lost your job, you may be afraid to pursue your passion because you think it may not work out.

And in order to combat these fears, one of the things you can do it always have a plan b. Just having a plan for when your plan goes awry can do wonders to helping keep you calm. It will probably even give you a boost of confidence that you needed to take a risk that you may have been afraid of. So, continuing with the above example, if you are afraid of failing at your dream job, maybe you have a resume out and ready for a company where you know you would get a job if you needed one.


Letting go of fears can be an extremely difficult feat, especially if you are currently facing hard times. But there are a number of things you can do to help you let go of these fears, the most important being that you learn to embrace them.

After you’ve embraced your fears, you can analyze them and learn to effectively block them. And if you are still struggling with fear after that, consider making a backup plan to help quell your fears and give you the boost of confidence you need to succeed.


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