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Cool Tips for Making an Awesome Vision Board


Here are a few additional tips and tweaks that will help you make an awesome vision board and use it more effectively.

Make it a ritual

Using your vision board is like taking some quiet time for meditation or prayer. Look at your visualization time as a ritual and create a fitting ambiance. You can light candles, diffuse some calmness-promoting essential oils or play soft music.

Make your visualization a relaxing ritual that not only nurtures your emotional and spiritual health but also helps you to de-stress at the end of a hectic day.

Give yourself time

When creating your vision board, don't put a limit on the time you need to put it together. Really put some thought and effort into choosing your images and words. You can space out the activity over a few days while you collect the perfect images that really inspire you and speak to your goal.

Additionally, you don't need to fill your vision board in one go. Choose a few images that inspire you and leave room on your board to add more as you find them. There's no rush. Even two or three images will work just as well until you find more to add.

Check out Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great resource for awesome images and the collection is massive. Whatever it is you're searching for, you're likely to find the perfect photo on this amazing website. If you want to include photos of friends and family, Facebook can be a good resource as well.

Check out what others are doing

If you are a beginner and still not sure exactly how to start, it’s helpful to get an idea by looking at examples. Just remember to rely on your own creativity rather than just copy layouts and messages.

Go virtual

A desktop vision board could be a good option for you if you spend a lot of time at your computer. It’s also a good option to consider if you want to keep it private.

You can create a virtual vision board by using special vision board software. The software is widely available online and some of it is free. Vision board software will walk you through the steps of creating a vision board on your computer.

Most applications are simple to use and require no special technical or design skills. Simply Google "vision board software if you feel this could work for you.

Another way to create a virtual vision board is to use Windows Movie Maker or a similar program. You simply collect images from the web, create a slide show, add some inspiring music and voila! You have an awesome vision board.

Create a workplace vision board

A shared vision board at the workplace will definitely boost group motivation and productivity. If you're a team leader or simply want to share the idea with coworkers, by all means, go for it! There may be some skeptics in the gang but more likely, you'll find that the idea will generate a lot of interest and excitement among your colleagues.

First, get together and identify what your goals are. They could be short-term marketing goals, long-term growth goals or goals that represent the company vision.

Next, prepare a blank board where people add images and quotes. Post it up where everyone can see it and show them how to use it.

Using an office vision board is a wonderful way to build rapport and create a shared sense of purpose. And what better way to spend a lunch or coffee break than with a group visualization!

Plan ahead

Before you start making your vision board, take some time to reflect on your goals and visions. You may have several so identify the ones that you feel are the most important to achieve.

When deciding on your goals, it helps to be as specific as possible. If you want to become wealthy, specify the sum that you would like to have someday. If you want to be highly successful or famous, specify in what sphere. For example, running your own business – and if possible, what type of business and what product or service it will provide.

Create more than one vision board

Naturally, most people have several goals in their lives. They relate to health and fitness, family, personal relationships, career, and even spiritual; goals are very valid. Some people even create the perfect "holiday" or "wedding" vision board where they envision the ideal tropical cruise or the perfect wedding day.

If you create one of these, add relevant photos of tickets, invitations, wedding cakes and dresses, along with people who will be with you at the event.

Lumping everything together on one vision board can distract your focus and divide your attention between several different things at once.

The better option is to create several! Some examples would be a health and fitness vision board, one for career goals and another for financial goals. Basically, you can work on several priority goals by creating separate boards for each.

However, do start with one at first and use it for a while before starting another.

Change and replace images

There's no rule that says you have to keep items on your vision board permanently. You are completely free to replace them at any time. Keep your eyes open for new images as you browse the net, scroll through social media or look through magazines.

If you find an image that resonates with you, you can either add it to your board or replace an older image.

A vision board should always be evolving and growing along with you as you progress towards your bright future.

Create a family vision board

Just like at the workplace, a family vision board is a fun way for family members to bond and spend quality time. Get the family together to craft a vision board that reflects your shared goals (you will need a large-sized board for this that will accommodate contributions from each person).

Each family member adds their own images and words that speak to your shared visions and aspirations for the family as a whole. Your kids will love it!

Paste the board where everyone can see it, such as in the family room. Instruct everyone on how to use it and depending on your schedules, you can engage in group visualization, or each person can use it in their own time.


Visualization is a powerful tool for achieving goals and aspirations and a vision board is simply the best way to practice effective visualization.

Science has conclusively shown that visualization is an effective tool for rewiring the brain to promote goal achievement. The Law of Attraction confirms that you can manifest the things you want in your life with positive mental imagery.

Don't let the simplicity and enjoyment of creating and using a vision board fool you. It has the capacity to dramatically change your life. Whether your goal is to lose weight or become a millionaire, a vision board has the potential to manifest your dreams, big or small.

So, go ahead and embark on an exciting, transformative journey. Make your personal vision board today and use it every day. Start training your brain to work with you rather than against you to realize the future of your dreams!

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