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Compassion Series - The Power of Compassion


Compassion is not just a feel-good feeling that some people are born with and others are not. Compassion is something which certainly can be cultivated. Why take the time and trouble to cultivate compassion? There is power in exuding compassion.

While it might sound contradictory to have a soft-feeling vibe such as compassion show up as powerful, it is true. The most powerful and successful people have compassion as one of their core traits. Compassion is one of the top reasons entrepreneurs leave their jobs and start their own businesses.

Compassion is one of the main mission statements behind ministries, non-profit organizations, start-ups, and even for solo-entrepreneurs.

Women alone make up a large majority of coaching businesses based on the sheer desire to help women manage their responsibilities for caring for families and earning income. Their desire to make a difference was born out the necessity for a creative solution to marry earning an income and taking care of a family. It all started with compassion for the plight woman may feel trying to juggle both career and family.

Ministries were started because there was a need for compassion in areas of struggle, poverty, and lack. Many industries from coaching and marketing to creative design donate 10% of their earnings to the compassion care industry.

The Ripple Effect

Compassion creates a ripple among groups of people. When one person, one organization, one business, or even one department of a company shows compassion, it creates a ripple effect.

Research is showing companies in which compassion is shown by employers to employees have a better success rate. Employees are happier, healthier, and more productive. How does this translate as a benefit?

  • Higher success rate

  • Increased earnings

  • Extra money to donate to charitable organizations

  • Less sick time used

  • Happier and more satisfied employees

Compassion has the power to create a ripple effect to everyone in the radius of those either practicing or experiencing compassion. It all starts with a loving-kindness to yourself, which can then spill out to others.


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