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Affirmation Basics - Intro to Affirmation Prayer


Affirmative prayer is a sort of prayer or a metaphysical process that's centered on a favorable outcome instead of a negative situation. For instance, a individual who is experiencing some form of illness would focus the prayer on the wanted state of perfect health and affirm this desired intention "as if already occurred" instead of identifying the illness and then asking The Higher Power for help to do away with it.

About Prayer

William James described affirmative prayer as a component of the American metaphysical healing movement that he called the "mind-cure"; he depicted it as America's "only decidedly original contribution to the systemic philosophy of life.

What sets affirmative prayer apart from secular affirmations of the autosuggestion sort taught in previous times, is that affirmative prayer addresses the practitioner to The Higher Power, the Divine, the Creative Mind, accentuating the seemingly practical aspects of religion.

A few members of the self-help and self-improvement movements advocate affirmative prayer in addition to or rather than secular affirmations. The choice is for the most part an individual one, based on the beliefs of the person.

Five Steps of Affirmative Prayer

1. Acknowledgement: Remind yourself of the nature of life/The Higher Power/spirit. This is the chief ingredient in affirmative prayer: acknowledgement. You moldiness know what the nature of The Higher Power is before going further. If, for instance, you used to believe that The Higher Power was an angry, vengeful Higher Power, now is the time to remind yourself of the bigger truth. Remind yourself of the lawful and loving nature of The Higher Power.

2. Uniting: Remind yourself that you come from life/spirit/The Higher Power. If The Higher Power exists and is everything good and fantastic, but you're on the outside looking in, why even bother to pray? Remind yourself that The Higher Power is the source and Creator of everything, including you, including your wants. This is a different crucial ingredient in affirmative prayer.

3. Actualization: understand life already is the thing or experience you want. If you are able to want it, imagine it, picture it, it must exist in the brain. Otherwise, where did you get the thought? Remember, the beginning premise of this is, there exists a central Unity. There's no place other than brain to get your idea. For a really effective prayer, you want to continue contemplating that you deserve happiness", that's when the realization comes. When you open your eyes, your desire might not be sitting on the floor in front of you, but don't be duped... Your brain is already at work making it happen.

If doubts come up... Don't simply ignore. Face them! Speak the truth about what you're fearing will or won't happen...for instance, if you feel that you might never afford a new automobile, you could say, "I have this desire and along with it everything I need to let the power flow through me, manifesting my desire. The Higher Power IS supply; The Higher Power IS wealth, so there's nothing to fear... As The Higher Power is right where I am".

4. Grace: understand what you desire is yours. It's crucial to be thankful, because it acknowledges already having gotten the thing you want. The Higher Power doesn't need your gratitude, but, to be fully aligned with the laws of the universe, you have to feel the feeling of gratitude. This is the "already having gotten" attitude which adds fuel to the fire of your affirmative prayer. This is why you have to understand how you'd feel if you had what you wish today.

5. Relinquish: and so it is. Relinquishing is an essential step. When you're done, your brain ought to be at peace, clear, fearless, and watchful for signs of your desire showing up without getting obsessive about it! Allow the Law to work through you and make your desire a physical truth!


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