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Affirmations Stop Fearing Your Emotions

1. My emotions to not control me, I control them.

2. Emotions are a natural part of life; I am allowed to experience them on a daily basis.

3. I will let go of all fears and doubts I have regarding my emotions.

4. I will not give up on my journey to stop fearing my emotions.

5. My emotions are only scary if I let them scare me.

6. I have faith in my ability to stop being afraid to feel emotions.

7. I am confident that I am in control of my emotions no matter what may come my way.

8. I will focus on today’s emotions; I will not worry about the emotions of tomorrow.

9. Showing my emotions may lead to a positive outcome.

10. Repressing my emotions is scarier than feeling them.

11. I love myself and all of my emotions.

12. I will let go of the emotions of the past and instead prepare for the emotions I will feel today.

13. I can use my emotions to accomplish great things in life.

14. I choose to replace my fear of emotions with being at peace with my emotions.

15. My emotions help me to achieve my goals.

16. I will work towards conquering my fear of my emotions.

17. Each day I work hard to be one step closer to embracing my emotions.

18. I am stronger than my emotions and I can keep them under control no matter what situation I face.

19. Experiencing my emotions does not make me weak.

20. My emotions will not get in the way of my success.


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