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Affirmations for Emotional Regulation

1. My feelings are a response to my thoughts.

2. I control all of my feelings; I will not let them control me.

3. I validate all of my emotions.

4. I am aware of everything I am feeling, even if I don’t show it.

5. I know I will not always get my way, but that everything will work out.

6. No one else is in charge of my emotions except me.

7. I control my response to every situation.

8. I will not lose control of my emotions.

9. Even when I am feeling emotions, I can accomplish my goals.

10. All setbacks in life are temporary.

11. I can handle stress.

12. I will always think positive thoughts.

13. I will not panic, I’ve got this.

14. I am an emotionally stable person.

15. I can say no when I am feeling overwhelmed.

16. Change is always good; I can handle changes.

17. I am the number one priority in my life.

18. I love who I am and I love those around me.

19. I will not entertain people who do not support my emotional journey.

20. Each day I will learn something new about my emotions and use it to better regulate my emotions.


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