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Wishes and Prayers Series - How Affirmation Prayer Works

Affirmative prayer is a prayer where you don't ask for anything; rather you make a statement as if what you want already exists. For example, rather than asking for a large financial income, your affirmation would be something like "I am now making $100,000 each year, doing what I enjoy doing. I'm happy in the job I have, and I work with fantastic individuals."


How It Works However why would we want to pray this way? Because it works! Yes, because the process is more gratifying. How gratifying is going to your boss at work and requesting something, like a raise? Most individuals would prefer to avoid it. The same feeling commonly arises when attempting to ask for something in prayer. You commonly feel as if you have to prove yourself or give something in exchange for what you're asking. But there is no need to give up anything in exchange for what you wish. Many religions have taught us that The Higher Power is just like a person, and has a lot of the same whims, temperaments, and moods that any human has. This is just not so. The Higher Power is so far beyond our little emotional inconstancy that you could almost see The Higher Power as being another natural law in the Universe. If you are alive, then you have access to this Power. In the Bible, there are a lot of references to the availability of this Power. Jesus Himself taught that if you trust that you will receive what you ask for in prayer, that you will indeed have it! His excellent example of prayer (The Lord's Prayer) does not ask for anything. It commands! "Give us this day...", not "might I please have....". The illustration is missed by most, who keep on asking, begging, and go without. The Higher Power has created you in such a way that you are able to supply your own needs! All you have to do is tap into the Universal Power and command what you wish to come into being! Naturally, this theory is all well and good, but the true question is precisely how do you go about doing this? It is easy really, although not necessarily simple. The opening move is to make contact with this great supply of Power. This step is the one that most individuals will have the hardest time with. At its simplest level, contacting the spiritual source of Power is about having the intent to do so. Your inner mind handles the involved details of handling your connection to the spiritual realities. You must communicate to your inner mind that you wish to open the gates to spiritual Power, and you wish access to that Power today. You may communicate this intent in many ways. You may affirm, "I'm opening my connection to spiritual Power, and this Power fills my being with excellent intensity!" This is a time-honored technique which has been utilized effectively.

You will know when you make contact with spiritual Power. Different individuals sense the presence of Power in assorted ways. Many will feel heat, or pressure, or will perceive a keener luminance. A few will feel a sense of cold, or a light airiness surrounding them.

When you make contact, then you are ready for the next step, which is to affirm what you're asking for as if it were already true. You will commonly want to create your affirmative prayer before you begin, however.

Whatsoever you want out of life, you are able to have. Do whatever you can on the physical level to get it and add the help of the spiritual level with affirmative prayers.

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