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Wishes and Prayers Series - Affirmative Prayer Exercises

Affirmative Prayer is a potently, life enhancing spiritual practice which gives rise to the truth for yourself and other people and affirms what it is that you want for your life. It is a potent way of altering your negative thought patterns into more positive, spiritual ones. It works on shifting and aligning all parts of ourselves.


An Exercise We can do some exercises for ourselves and help other people as well. There are 5 steps to the process.

The initial step is acknowledgement. Here we recognize the presence of The Higher Power that is everyplace in the Universe and in everybody and everything. (I recognize that God/The Higher Power is in and through everything. There's no place that The Higher Power is not). The 2nd step is uniting. Here we are recognizing that the presence of God, The Higher Power, the Divine (whatever term you prefer to utilize to describe this presence) is present inside your own being, and if doing a prayer exercise for somebody else, knowing that the presence of this is in their being as well. (I'm one with Spirit). The 3rd step is recognition. This is an affirmation step where we affirm what it is we want in our lives, and affirm this as though it is already occurring, in the use of present tense affirmations. We're bringing in the feeling and the knowing that this is already happening and seeing it occurring right now!!

(I affirm, claim and know that I'm healthy, whole and complete on each and every level).

The 4th step is gratitude. Here we give thanks for all that's happening for us right now. We acknowledge and give thanks for what we have affirmed.

(I'm grateful for the healing and wholeness that's happening for me right now).

The 5th step is letting go. Here we relinquish all we have affirmed to The Higher Power/ the Universe knowing that it's already accomplished and complete.

(I release this to The Higher Power knowing this is all taken care of in the Mind of The Higher Power.). You may substitute whatever you use for the Higher Power.

We finish our exercise by affirming, AND SO IT IS.




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