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Valentine’s Day with Someone Special - How will you spend it this year. Some simple suggestions!


For many couples Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. It has become a holiday that is as special as their personal anniversaries. Therefore, couples often want to plan an incredibly special and romantic Valentine’s Day for them and their partner to enjoy. Hopefully, this blog post will provide some useful tips for those who will be spending Valentine’s Day with someone who is extremely special to them and are looking for ideas on how to make it a memorable day. With the pandemic, this year it may limit the usual ways couples celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Surprises are great and your partner may really appreciate your thoughtfulness and planning, but one way to ensure your partner is thrilled with your plans for Valentine’s Day is to involve her/him in the planning process. Planning a special Valentine’s Day together gives you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy even more time together and to make plans which you know you both will appreciate.

It can be difficult to plan a truly spectacular Valentine’s Day at the last minute because you are likely to run into a series of mishaps. Avoid any problems, plan way ahead and make sure all necessary details are worked out in advance. If you put a great deal of time into planning your Valentine’s Day celebration, your partner is bound to notice, they will see how special they are as well as the celebration of this day of love.

At one time celebrating a weekend away, in a hotel, or on a tropical beach was one of the great ideas. Going movies, concerts, your favorite restaurant, etc., has always been one of the top choices. Today, with most of us staying safe at home, it does not mean you can not do special activities. There are many romantic ideas for staying at home, that will easily rekindle and ignite the fire in both of your mind, body, and souls.

  • Set the scene, extra blankets, pillows, candles, incense, and special lighting.

  • Have lots of snacks, cheeses, chocolates, popcorn, special candies, and do not forget the wine, or a special drink you have shared together over the years.

  • Rent a movie, or watch one of your old-time favorites, perhaps the first movie you ever saw while dating, or a movie you had both seen while growing up. Something you would not watch while your kids are around.

  • Play soft background music, and slow dance, embrace and hold each other.

  • Break out the good dishes, wine glasses, etc. Make it special!!

  • Make dinner together, cooking together can be extremely romantic, and invites sexy play with food together in the kitchen. You could also do a blind taste test, nothing gross, just blind fold your partner, let them guess what they are tasting.

  • If you do not want to cook, you can still order contactless delivery, or curbside carryout from your favorite restaurant. Make it special, and order your favorites.

  • Do not forget dessert, pick something special and decadent, something that could even be sensual. Make sure include chocolate syrup and whip cream, they can add a special flare of fun to the night.

  • Create a spa night, couples’ message is a worthwhile indulgence. Include facials, massage, a special bath with bubbles, rose petals, or bath bombs. Get new towels and play spa relaxing music. Totally create some relaxing, sexy vibes. You home spa message can turn into something much more sensual. If you do the spa, get some spa foods such as chocolate covered strawberries, wine, or fruit-infused water.

  • Go all out, Valentines usually ends up in the bedroom anyways, so wear sexy lingerie, sprinkle rose petals on the bed, experiment with lotions, oils, and body paints.

  • If you live in a warmer climate, go stargazing in your own backyard. Take pillows blankets, combine that stargazing with a romantic picnic. Roast some smores and tell each other stories. If you live in cold temperatures, just break out a blanket fort like when you were a kid. They do offer constellation apps for your phone, turn in on and light up your living room or bedroom ceiling.

  • Turn a room in your home, perhaps your bedroom into a special retreat, choose a theme, tropical, or a place you have always wanted to travel, France perhaps, with French foods and wines. Use your imagination, it has no limits.

If you are spending Valentine’s Day with someone special, you might want to consider giving your loved one a totally unique gift. For example, red roses are one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but you can put a spin on this old-fashioned idea. For example, if your partner loves gardening you might give her a gift such as a few gardening tools and some bulbs that you can plant together in the spring. It may not seem like the most romantic gift to others but if you know it is something your loved one will cherish; it can be a great Valentine’s Day gift. I personally have never enjoyed flowers, to me they wither and die. The gift of bulbs is something that you could see bloom and grow every year, as your love. This also imprints in the mind and heart the special memory of this special night. I enjoy giving a gift of something that my special man could look at daily, and remember my love, something for you to think about.

Whatever you chose this Valentine’s Weekend, make it special, make it unique, make it you!! Something you will both remember, a way that you both will always remember the two of you together.


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