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Untitled - Copyright- Living Tree Company

This is a story I that I have not titled yet...still a work in progress....enjoy! This is my birthday week, so keeping the blog lite.... ❤❤


Many years ago, in a land far away. A kind and gentle King ruled over a small parish. The King loved his people and welcome them to his Castle. The town’s people visited him often to tell him exciting news or to ask him for help. The King had magical fairies in castle and guards that helped the care for the people and carry out his special instructions.

One day a beautiful child was born in the parish. To celebration her birth fairies from the kingdom were sent to give the baby a special gift from the King. Magical seeds harvested from the Kings glorious gardens. Properly cared for the seeds would produce a garden of beautiful flowers, as beautiful as the new born baby herself.

The fairies said that the little girl should have a place of charm and splendor, a place that would reflect her beauty, and remind her of her preciousness to the King. They told the child's parents to guard her garden diligently, because the terrible dragon would certainly try to destroy it. Only carefully protected gardens would escape the Dragons destruction.

The dragon hated the fairies and their magical seeds. He scorned music and laughter. He hated beauty and brilliance. He detested love and harmony. The fairies’ magical flowers inspired all these things and the King reinforced this. He was determined to destroy as many gardens as possible, so that he could rip the town people of their loyalty to the King. Sometimes the dragon would even attack the Kings own garden to destroy the source of the magical seeds. But the castle guards never rested and were much stronger. The fairies seemed to have an endless source of the magical seeds. These obstacles encouraged the dragon, increasing his determination to destroy whatever he could.

In the beginning, the child's parents were careful, but as time passed without any sign of the dragon, they assured themselves that he must have been defeated by the Kings guards. Soon her parents passed from age, leaving their child the family home.

But that dragon had not been defeated, he knew that the people were easily fooled and given enough time, would become careless, he waited patiently.

The child grew into a young beautiful girl and she fell prey to the dragon. One night just after she had fallen asleep, she was awoken by a grimacing growl that frightened her so much that she sat paralyzed in her bed. From her bed near the window she saw him.

The dragon saw her in the window and laughed, “Ah, beautiful child how you have grown, I have come to destroy your magnificent garden. To set a blaze your magical flowers, so lovely.” He proclaimed triumphantly, as he watched the terror on her face. He continued in a scowling voice. “Where are those who claim they love you? They have left you alone, shaking in your sheets in the cold of the night. What a pity none will come to your defense.” Your people of this parish and King are not to be trusted, the fairies will not be here to use their magic. I will destroy your garden, and extinguish you love of beautiful things. If you try to regrow these magical flowers, I will return, there will be no point of replanting.” He sneered. “You will always be left to face me alone, and I am much more powerful than you.”

She gathered her courage and jumped from her bed and raced down to her garden. She wanted desperately to protect and save her garden.

The dragon surprised and laughing as he saw her come out of her small home. He begun to build up his internal flames, thinking one puff should take care of her garden, maybe two. He started circling her garden, as if savoring the anticipation of abolishing it.

The fairies heard the terrible news and went immediately to the girl’s home, sending word through the parish and to the King and his guards.

By the time everyone arrived, the garden was a blaze. The dragon standing proud of his destruction. Gleaming as the young girl stood by the garden in tears. The dragon was astounded at the site of the parish people, fairies, kings guard and the King. He attempted his escape, trying to take flight, only to be shot down with arrows and captured.

At dawn the smoke had cleared, revealing that not a single flower survived. Her beautiful garden had become a field of charred, seared flowers. The young girl fell to her knees in anguish.

The Kind came to the girl, taking her hand lifting her from the scorched soil. Suddenly the young girl grew angry. “Why have you come now, now when my garden is demolished, burnt to the ground. Where were you when the dragon came? Where was anyone? Why did you not come in time to save my precious garden? You cannot be trusted.” Then she turned away and asked him to leave.

“Child, he said softly, you have confused my nature with your experience in the garden. I wept for you when the dragon came. I urge people to help you, we all came as fast as we could. I have always been with you, watching over you. I have wanted so much for you, knowing how your soul longs for beauty, love, and laughter. Will you hold my hand? Will you let me help you rebuild your garden? I promise I will not drop you? I will not let you fall. It is not my nature to hurt you. Together I will help you regrow your amazing garden. The fairies have brought new seeds, and the parish people have come to help with tools, food and more. The one thing tragedy teaches us, is we can rebuild our lives. You can rebuild this garden, design it as you want it, not as your parents wanted it. It will truly now become yours.”

The young woman slowly turned and looked directly into his face. As she studied his eyes, she could see that what he was said was true. She reached up and placed her hand in his. The King smiled and wrapped his hand tightly around hers.

“Tragedy, destruction and loss, gives you power. The power to say, this is not going to be the end of my story.” The King said smiling warmly at the young girl.

With that everyone preceded to help the young girl rebuild her dream garden. Giving her the strength and the knowledge, that even if it is destroyed again, it would be the beginning of something beautiful.


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