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Top Nutritional Tips, for a Stronger, Healthier, and Happier You Series

Prepared Meals


Sometimes we just don’t have time to whip up even a quick meal, but our stomach is telling us that it’s time to refuel. On these days, it’s great to be able to purchase a prepared meal at your local grocery store. Due to the rise of consciousness in physical health and wellness, supermarkets have started to catch on and are stocking their prepared foods section with healthy alternatives.

So, while food to go may make you think of pizza, it’s time you gave your local grocery store another look! Remember that eating out can be expensive, but when your alternative is just as pricey junk food, know you’re putting your money to good use. Your body will thank you for it later. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Keep reading for suggestions on buying pre-made food!

High Protein Meals: As tempting as that spaghetti-to-go dish may look, try and steer clear of pasta and sugary sauces, and instead, go for the chicken breast and veggies. Stores will often season their meats too, so don’t worry about a lack of flavor! Protein Shakes: If plans are going to keep you on the road for a while, then look for a protein shake that you can either fix on the go, or is pre-packaged.

Many health food stores make protein shakes in-house and keep them in the prepared foods section. Not only are these shakes nutritious, but they’re also pretty tasty. Prepared Snacks: You meant to prepare your snacks for the week, but something came up, so now what? Are you stuck hitting up the vending machine for a sugary candy bar? Not so fast! Take a few minutes and swing by your local grocery store where you’re bound to find lots of healthy, prepackaged snacks like nuts, string cheese, and protein bites!

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