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Thoughts on Love Series - Just My Thoughts part 2


Perhaps one of life's most rewarding and yet challenging experiences is looking for a partner for life, a soulmate. What drives this quest is a desire to be deeply connected to another human being in the bond of heartfelt love. We want to know the joy of caring, sharing, and growing with another. We hope for the security a faithful love waiting for us at the end of each day an at the beginning of the next. Finding a partner can give us a wonderful woozy feeling in our stomach and the salad courage to fulfill our dreams.

The popular romantic element, candlelight, flowers, long walks, late night conversation, and chocolates, all may enhance a courtship and set the stage for love. But the question many people want answered is how to find an incredibly special someone.

When your heart tells you one thing and your mind tells you another, to which do you listen? Can there be more than one Mr. or Ms. right? These are all questions that captivate us and beckon for thoughtful consideration. Sometimes even torment and tease us, until we give in to the heart or the mind.

As you move forward adding romance to your life, or if you've already on a romantic path, do so with loving, mindful, and kind heart. Keep in mind that someone else’s is heart is surely already to take in yours. As we learn throughout our relationships, those that are fleeting as well as those that endure, there is no such thing a s a failed romance. Relationships simply evolve into what they were always meant to be. Try not to make something that is meant to be seasonal or short term into a lifelong relationship. Let go and enjoy the journey of simply loving. Keep in mind it is a beautiful necessity of our nature to love, we can all be thankful for that great profound need.

In French, you do not say “I miss you.” You say, “Tu me Manques”, which means, “You are missing from me.” I love that!


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