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The Power of Living In the Now Series

Strengthen Your in the Moment Awareness


Besides training yourself to be more mindful there are other exercises you can do to boost your mindfulness and strengthen your “In the now” awareness. These exercises are good ones to try.

1. Do a mindful body scan where you get in touch with your body. Do it in the morning to help you start your day on a good way. Begin by sitting or lying down on your bed. Take a few deep breaths. Take note how your breath enters and leaves your lungs.

Now focus your attention on one part of your body, beginning with your toes. Pay attention to how it feels and any sensations you are feeling. Continue up the body to the next part of your body. This exercise helps put you in a mindful state and helps you notice when your body is feeling differently.

2. Visualize your daily goals and write in your journal. Each morning make an entry into your journal. Then before you start your day, visualize your goals. See yourself taking action on each day and completing your goals.

3. Take a mindful walk in nature. Be intentional with your awareness on your walk. Notice your surroundings, feel your feet hitting the ground with each step you take and listen to all the sounds around you. Feel your breath with each inhale and exhale.

4. Do a mindful review of your day. By the end of the day, you’re tired and worn out. It can be easy to let things fall down. When this happens, try doing a review of your day before going to bed. Think back to the beginning of the day and remember how your mindfulness exercises started the day. How did that make you feel?

Then go through the rest of your day, making note of any particularly mindful or memorable events. What was your mood like throughout the day? Write these thoughts down in your journal or a diary.

Using these exercises on a daily basis helps you strengthen your awareness of being in the now. Use them together to get into a habit of being mindful throughout your day.


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