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The Power of Living In the Now Series

How to Start Living in The Moment


Now that you know why it’s difficult to live in the moment but that it’s beneficial to you, how do you start doing it? Here are 21 tips to put mindfulness into practice.

1. Slow down. Before beginning any activity, no matter what it is, take a deep breath and focus on the process.

2. Start making an effort to live in the moment. Make the commitment to begin changing your habits of rushing, not paying attention, and functioning by going through the motions. Notice where you are not being mindful.

3. Practice being mindful. Practice by doing tasks you normally do impatiently or unconsciously mindfully instead.

4. Notice when you aren’t in the present moment. When you are in a present moment that is

stressful, notice how your thoughts and emotions are affecting your body. Turn those thoughts into more positive ones that keep you in the now.

5. Engage in what you are doing. Feel into it and enjoy the process.

6. Learn relaxation techniques to help you be calm. These include meditating, deep breathing, and visualization.

7. Train your mind to focus on the current activity.

8. Listen attentively to your conversations, music, and the silence around you.

9. Take notice of your surroundings. What do you see, hear, smell, and feel?

10. Savor your food and drink. Slowly chew, enjoy the taste, and set your utensil down between bites.

11. Think about the past, but only in small doses. Be sure to focus on the past for a specific

reason such as to relive a happy experience, figure out where you went wrong or to identify a key to a past success.

12. As with the past, think about the future small amounts at a time. Focus on the future in a

healthy way. Leave the worrying out of it. Just visit the future long enough to prepare for it then return to the moment.

13. Get rid of unneeded possessions. Minimalism helps you live in the present. You aren’t living in the past from items associated with past memories allowing you to live in the moment.

14. Start each day with a smile. Each day is full of possibilities. You can control your attitude

every morning. Keep it optimistic and intentional.

15. Be fully appreciative of the moments of today. Soak in everything about today- the sounds, sights, the smells, the emotions you feel, the wins and the sorrows. This is living but we often forget to take them in and appreciate them.

16. Let go of past hurts and resentments. Choose to forgive and move on. Don’t let the harm impact your present mood.

17. Love what you do. If you just survive your work and are constantly waiting for the weekend to get here, you’re wasting a good portion of your life. Either find a new job you enjoy or find things about your current career you can appreciate.

18. Stop worrying about tomorrow or what might happen. Realize that tomorrow will happen no matter what. Redirect your mental energy into enjoying this moment.

19. Listen to your body. Your body will tell you if you are stressing, worrying, or not taking care of it.

20. Change your beliefs and thoughts. Think positively and calmly.

21. Let go of outcomes. When you live in the moment you don’t stress or worry over how something will turn out. Take action, focus on the task, and let the outcome happen.

Learning to live in the now is an essential part of living a happy life. Start with one thing

you can implement daily and work up to being present in every way.


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