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The Power of Living in the Now Series

What does "Living in the Moment" Mean?


“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over

and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” - Wayne Dyer

This quote reflects the power of living in the now. Right now, this very moment, is the

one we are given. The past is over. The future isn’t guaranteed. But today, this very

moment is. Learning to live in the present moment gives you the power to live your best

life, to the fullest, every moment of the day.

What does “living in the moment” mean?

To live in the moment or live in the now, means you are being conscious, and aware of

your present using all your senses. It means you aren’t living in the past nor are you

worrying about what the future will be.

When you concentrate on being present, you focus your attention on the task at hand.

You give it your full attention and let go of the outcome. Seizing the moment allows you

to make each moment more meaningful and valuable, savoring every minute for quality

over quantity of time.

You still need to plan, set goals, and prepare for the future. But you can do all these

things and still enjoy living in the moment. For instance, you may set a goal to exercise

every day. You can do this while enjoying it while you are doing the exercise or at the

very least be in the moment as you do it.

Too often we put enormous expectations on ourselves. We’re always rushing to do this

or finish that or hurry up doing something else. We never actually enjoy the process.

We’re rushing and we don’t even know why most of the time.

We don’t stop and think about where we are, so we miss the point of being there.

Instead with the power of living in the now we learn to appreciate each moment and

gather the lessons from each moment. We are living consciously, purposefully, and


On the other hand, when we live in the past, hanging onto painful experiences, difficult

times or wrongs we perceived done to us, we are condemning ourselves to living the

same now and in the future. Coming to terms with the past, knowing you cannot change

it, helps you move on.

Living in the now means letting go of the past. It means you trust in the future. You’re

positive and optimistic in the present leaving you open to the possibility of a promising


The power of living in the now allows you to begin to notice the beauty and wonder of

the moment and the things around you. You learn how to focus and manage your

energy. This is just one of the benefits of living in the now.

In the next few days in our series, The Power of Living in the Now, you’ll discover there are a multitude of other benefits you will receive from practicing the mindfulness of living in the now. And you’ll discover how to put it into practice. It’s not as easy as just saying you’re going to live in the moment from now on. But it isn’t as difficult as you may believe either.

This Series will help you discover what not to do and how to make simple techniques you

can begin using to live a more mindful life. We’ll discuss what it means to be mindful

and give you some tips for doing it.


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