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The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy Series

Stopping Bad Habits With Hypnotherapy


Trying to stop a bad habit is very difficult and sometimes even impossible, especially when the bad habit has been practiced over a long period of time.

Simply expecting the bad habit to stop or disappear is unrealistic unless coupled with the appropriate approach. The appropriate choice made must take into consideration many factors in order for it to work successfully in each individual circumstance.

Stop The Bad Stuff

Stopping smoking habits and other bad habits using hypnotherapy has its merits and success rates. The “mind over matter” saying, though simplistic, does help a person in a fearful or painful situation, however this alone cannot work if it is not understood and practiced correctly.

Ideally the hypnotherapist will first explore the different reasons and causes that induce the individual to turn to the bad habit. The different reasons could be because of boredom, stress, nervousness, traumatic experiences, problems, etc.

When this has been determined the hypnotherapist will then introduce ideas and alternatives into the trance induced mind to counter the previous negative mind set.

In using hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind is opened to accept the introduction of new ideas or feelings, suggestions or perceptions when addressing the link to the bad habits.

The hypnotherapist will be able to deeply ingrain the suggestion of the negative consequences of continuing with the current bad habit state.

Alternatively, a positive thought can also be suggested, to encourage the individual to focus on the advantages of eradicating the bad habit.

If the individual is able to constantly draw on this subconsciously ingrained thought pattern to combat the craving that supposedly fixes the problem, then the battle to stop the habit is on its way to success.

Hypnotherapy is also a method that does not require any additional medication to be added to the already difficult equation. It is also used as a complimenting tool to help the individual overcome the bad habit.


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