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The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy Series

Manage Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy


Food, glorious food, a temptation few can refuse, and refuse they don’t, thus the vicious cycle that is the cause of many people having to deal with weight issues.

Slimming Down

The most popular method is of course dieting but dieting alone for most people has proven to be a very challenging and difficult exercise to embark upon successfully. There are many reasons why people turn to food for comfort.

Some of which are family eating styles, moods and emotions, habits, quality, and choice of diet, lack of knowledge on food, exercise and its regularity are just a few more obvious possible reasons why people turn to food.

Programs like hypnotherapy have proven to have wonderful results when used to address these various eating disorders.

Through hypnotherapy the patient is trained by use of the mind to remove all the old programming and associations with food and replace it with healthier alternatives.

The individual is also taught how to reinforce the end objective with practicing self-hypnosis every time the “threat” of falling back into the old habit of eating arises.

Though some people might think it strange to acknowledge that one’s feelings have a “secret language” all of its own, understanding this “language” and controlling it through hypnotherapy is the key to keeping the eating disorder in check.

Therefore, rather than responding to these feelings using the food satisfaction “language” hypnotherapy introduces alternatives, which

doesn’t leave the individual feeling worse, thus eliminating the need to consuming the unwanted food to begin with.

There are still some people who are of the opinion that weight loss cannot be successfully addressed with hypnotherapy. Perhaps that is a probable assumption if the individual is only depending on hypnotherapy to lose weight.

Ideally hypnotherapy should be complimenting other methods of weight loss programmers like eating a healthy diet and exercising.

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