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Self - Love Series - Creative Ways to Boost Self- Love


Meditation, organization, discipline, purification, diet and more have huge benefits. But they can be very stale and lifeless for many people, despite their necessity. You do not have to stick to these aesthetic practices. In fact, loving yourself is anything but boring. It should be the most enjoyable journey of a lifetime.

Because you are literally doing things that make you happy at intensity.

Creativity and Imagination Creativity is a means of accessing parts of you that have lain dormant due to societal conventions. As stated in the beginning, we shut down our creative, spiritual, emotional, and physical centers due to the pressure to conform. The challenge lies in opening up these faculties at a later stage. The hallmarks of self-love are authenticity and originality. Creativity can only come from inside of you. But most of our society consists of copycats. People copy each other all the time. Think of the number of online eBooks on “how to make money online”. The same old advice repeated and sold over and over and over. It is not possible to make money online by simply taking another person’s formula and repeating it. You need to be original to be tremendously successful. Therefore, you should stay away from prescriptive formulas for success. Even if they genuinely worked for the original creator, they would not work for you because they are not your creation. This is an important point.

Creative Practices One of the biggest and most powerful ways to boost self-love is to go on a wild trip. Do something that you have never done before. Better yet, do something that is far outside of your comfort zone, like quit your job and travel the world. It is guaranteed to open previously inaccessible avenues of thought and emotion that you never knew you had. There could be little more disappointing than travelling down the same road with a few variations along the line within the same corporation. Wages increases and another title are immensely boring to people who are living their true lives. They are typically no more than abstractions that people use to content themselves with very unsatisfying lives. There are a variety of ways to improve the imagination. Bear in mind that it is an ongoing and never-ending process, but one that gets more satisfying as times goes by. The best practices include: ● Creative writing. ● Art. ● Martial arts. ● Dancing. ● Singing. ● Cooking. ● Travel. ● Anything else that you love to do. Obviously, the list is not exhaustive. And there is room for creativity in logical subjects such as accounting or math. But it must be applied dynamically and used often by the person.

Otherwise, the imagination will lie dormant as the person continues to rely on textbooks and manuals written by somebody else. The way to enhance creativity lies in persistence. If you are painting, then you need to try and paint a painting every single day. You will have certain insights and eureka moments now and again, but you cannot tell when they are going to happen. Regardless of what creative activity you are doing, you need to engage in it every day. Creativity can also help to unroot subconscious tendencies. For example, characters in a story or images in a painting are reflected in the inner psyche. While you may not be able to discuss such things in public, they can be expressed through creative means.

The Intuition The intuition is an incredibly underappreciated aspect of every individual. It holds the answer to every question and needs to be relied upon. The intuitive faculties must be developed over time. They largely evolve when a person detaches from the rational processes associated with strenuous mental thought.

However, the mind is extremely limited and can only process a small amount of information. Intuition, creativity, and imagination are very tightly linked. The processes that you can use to increase creativity are the same ones that you can use to increase your intuitive power. Intuition is your biggest friend when it comes to making life choices. There are thousands of ways to increase self-love, but only a few will be perfect for you at a specific time. And it is a lot easier than people make it out. If there is anything that really stands out and that you think would work, go for it.

Do not dismiss your desires and goals as irrelevant. They are the single greatest signposts that you have. Above all, find something that you love to do and be creative in doing it. This is your true self, and this is empowering. If you love yourself, give yourself the gift of doing what you love 24/7 without caring what other people think of you. It is the pinnacle of human achievement to be uniquely you without input from anyone else.

Conclusion Finding out who you really are and generating self-love for yourself is the most rewarding experience that you can have. The spiritual term is self-realization and is beyond the understanding of those who have not experienced it. Yet some are closer than others and will exhibit higher levels of self-esteem. After all, confidence is simply being more aligned with who you really are. The people who try to be something they are not the ones who are underconfident. It takes a remarkable number of resources to put up a façade and it is immensely energizing when you align yourself with your own divinity.

In the words of the Greeks: “Know thy self and you shalt know the Gods and all the universe.”


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