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On a personal note, one week and counting.

With Christmas now upon us the season of good cheer, she looked into her diary now gone another year, reading through the pages tears began to flow, still her heart was breaking no love was there on show. Flicking through the memories written bold in ink she realized one thing, maybe the missing link, her face began to lift, frown turned to a smile, with pen and paper held in hand, a list she’d there compile. She remembered all the good times Christmas used to bring how once among a choir she used to stand and sing, outside the snow was falling, landscape crisp so white, children building snowmen, whilst others snowball fight. Adorning winter clothing she made her way outside joining in with children on the pathway as they slide, her eyes lit up and sparkled, no longer feeling blue Christmas filled her heart with pleasures of its hue. In town the lights shone brightly as a choir sang in glee, Santa gave out presents beneath a Christmas tree, alone she stood while silent snowflakes slowly circled round, settling there before her gently on the ground. She heard a voice quite clearly whispering her name, a man she’d loved forever into her life he came, pulling out her pocket her list she glance to see, words she’d wrote upon it, love to come to me.

May you remember joyous and kind memories this holiday season,

Keep your loved ones safe in your heart, for you never know when you will part.

Always be grateful for what you have, what you had, and where you have been, and you who shared your life with. These things create your true being.

Love, health, and happiness to all, one week until Christmas!


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