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Mindful Eating Guide - 8 benefits of Mindful Eating

We all tend to over eat around the holidays. Keep these 8 tips handy, to help you with the battle of the Holiday treats.



Learning to eat mindfully carries with it many benefits that are both obvious and not so obvious. The main thing is that by being more mindful about your eating, you're going to build better relationships, enjoy food more, and even lose some weight. Let's look at the many benefits of mindful eating.

Better Relationships

This is especially true for people who have experienced eating disorders. Sometimes food issues can cause relationship problems. However, when you focus on mindful eating, you will build stronger relationships because of the time spent together doing something as important to life as eating.

Less Stress

It's downright stressful to be worried about food constantly. The diet industries and media have made it really difficult to know what is right and wrong about nutrition. In the process, we forget to listen to what our bodies were telling us. Getting back to the body will reduce your stress exponentially.

More Enjoyment

Eating mindfully will bring back your joy surrounding food. Let's face it; food is supposed to be enjoyed. It should not be the minefield that it is for many people. There is room for all types of food in almost every diet.

Better Digestion

Being mindful about your food intake is going to improve your digestive abilities. The main reason is that you're not going to overeat, and you're going to avoid junk food in large quantities. Over time, your digestion is going to work better due to eating regularly and eating real food over fast food.

Reduced Calorie Consumption

When you eat mindfully, you'll be able to tell when your tummy is getting full. You'll naturally consume fewer calories because you know that if you are truly hungry later (and you know what that means for you), you can always eat more. Because of this, you aren't tempted to pack it in just because it's mealtime.

Lose Weight

Eating fewer calories leads to weight loss. It really is that simple. Eat fewer calories than you need and you will lose weight. While you don't really need to count calories, it helps some people in the beginning to ensure they are getting enough nutrition.

Avoid Binge Eating

When you enjoy every single bite, you cannot eat fast. When you smell the food, and truly let the food stay in your mouth long enough to taste all the different components, you will not be able to binge because you're going to eat more slowly and get full eating less food. This is because it takes time for the mind to signal to the rest of the body that it's full.

Fewer Food Cravings

When you are eating mindfully, you can eat whatever you want; if you're being mindful about balancing your nutrition, you won't have food cravings as often. You are avoiding getting too hungry and you're avoiding getting too full, but you're not avoiding eating flavorful things that you love.

The benefits of mindful eating are many. You probably have a few that aren't included in this list. If you've been eating more mindfully, what benefits are you experiencing in your daily life? Are you noticing any truth to all the listed benefits above?