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Joy Series - Moving from joy to joy without losing momentum


Have you ever experienced such great exhilaration that you felt you could take on any challenge and be sure to come out victorious on the other end? You had the kind of extreme cheerfulness that some people could have confused you for a nut-head but you just knew it was far from that, you were this way because you had found something amazing like meaning for life, something to live for or assurance that your present circumstances had no bearing on the future of your dreams.

Maybe like me, you have had such a beautiful experience one day or for a couple of days and you thought it would continue this way. You became so confident in yourself as a person of joy that you assumed this would always be the case only to be greatly disappointed later. If this is you then you know the frustration of suddenly losing your joy and wondering where it went. Trying to force it back only to hit a brick wall and find yourself defeated, stressed, and unhappy. Maybe you even tried to recite some feel-good slogans to yourself just to bring back the good energy but all to no avail.

You may have concluded like many other people that normal life is full of ups and downs therefore it only makes sense that some days are joyous while some are sorrowful. You may have decided to face reality and accept within yourself that it is simply not possible to maintain happiness throughout every season of your life. To set yourself free from the disappointment you may have adopted such mentalities but deep down you wish it was different. You wish you knew the key to preserving your joy at all times but haven’t yet found it. Well, read on to discover a tried and tested method of how to move from joy to joy without losing momentum.

Do not neglect to do the things that bring you joy.

There you have it, the key is in you realizing that joy is beyond just an exciting feeling that comes and goes as it pleases but that it is a deliberate state that you can choose to always operate from. Realize today that there isn’t a mysterious force out there controlling how much joy you can experience and for how long. There is no such thing. It is like most things in life, a decision you consciously make, and with the right emotional, mental, and spiritual equipment get to maintain and keep choosing every day. Now, there are two sides to this coin and those are inward ministration and outward expression.

Do not neglect your inner self.

The primary place where delight comes from is within yourself. You may think you randomly get happy and then unhappy because of different circumstances you face but looking closely at it you will see that there are certain acts of ministering to yourself that set you up for a joyous day, week, or season. Take meditation, for example, you are more likely to be in control of your feelings and attitudes when you practice it. Do not stop doing it if that is what works for you. Reading good inspirational literature and taking time to ponder on it may be it for you, continue to regularly do this. Keep up your habit of praying every morning, afternoon, or every night if that is where you draw your strength from.

For some, it may be something as simple as taking time out to go fishing while calmly engaging their thoughts and yet for others, it is taking a brisk walk in the woods while appreciating nature. Maybe you need a daily dose of listening to or watching your favorite speaker, do it! Whatever it is that focuses on placing you in a good space inside is what you need to do consistently so that you remain a gleeful person.

The outward expression of joy.

When you are full of good things inside, they have no choice but to overflow and come out of you to affect your environment and the people in it. There are acts of outward ministration that you should not neglect for you to live in bliss all the time. Something happens in you when you share your joy: it multiplies so never take for granted your acts of volunteering your time or skills to help other people in various ways.

Keep on going to that old people’s home to read for the elderly whose eyes have dimmed with time and just to keep them company, continue taking part in organizing food and clothing for those children in children’s homes and thinking of better ways to reach even more of them. Visit your friends and relatives regularly or at least keep in touch with them somehow. Continue with those selfless deeds that cause you to feel good about yourself.

In conclusion, here is an illustration. Weeds sprout and quickly multiply on the fertile ground unless a diligent farmer plucks them out and plants good seed instead. You are like that fertile ground in the sense that if you leave your state of mind to chance, you will most likely find unpleasant emotions and attitudes growing in it but when you deliberately decide to cultivate joy inwardly as well as towards other people then surely it will grow and you will find yourself moving from one level to the next in perfect triumph. Remember that the choice is yours.


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