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I have come to an understanding that life is about the little moments. It is in the mostly seen as minutiae moments, it can pass you by without you even noticing, but when you get to experience it in all its fullness you will never want to go back to the mundane. It is in those somewhat rare moments when we feel our hearts light up, you can feel the warmth of your soul set ablaze. The joy is almost palpable.

Joy, as l would like to put it is a condition of your heart, its positioning. It is an intrinsic feeling, formed and nurtured in you followed by it being exuberated all over, it is like a river fed from different sources, it keeps on overflowing to the outside as long as the source is still feeding it, but when the source dries up or is stingy the flow ends as well. To keep the flow, we ought to keep the source abundant. There are many activities that feed our joy, they might differ from person to person but some are universal. The more we incorporate such activities into our day to day living the more those twinkling moments of intensified joy will become an all-day, everyday thing, the joy will just keep gushing out!

To be able to know your sources it takes mastery of self, when you spend time with yourself digging into your utmost feelings you will learn what feeds your fire. Looking at it this way we become the protagonists of our joy, you decide to be joyful and to do what makes you have good mental health. We are creators, the artists of our joy.

I am going to mention ten activities that help as sources that feed our joy, activities that keep you grounded and in oneness with your inner self and in the process of getting rid of all mental turmoil thus giving us incomprehensible peace which in turn births joy.

1. Meditation

As I mentioned joy and mental health cannot be separated, when you have good mental health joy becomes a plus. When your mind is troubled, you are stressed up and all knotted up you find it hard to relax or to tap into your magic for life, your inspiration. When you meditate you allow yourself to quieten your mind and get access to some facets and layers of yourself that you have not discovered yet. It gives you a peace of mind, a moment of serenity as you harness all your thoughts and focus within, which is where joy is brewed.

2. Gratitude

When we are thankful we automatically get to be focused on the positive, in the little bright places even when the whole world seems to be grey. A grateful heart, mind shifts your whole perspective of life, you stop judging and complaining every second and you open your mind to all the good things happening around you. Find something to be grateful for each morning, just the fact that you are breathing, seeing the sunrise, hearing the chirping birds, that could be enough to power your wholesome spirit of gratitude which will feed your joy for the rest of the day. In the evening make it a culture as well to introspect, look back on your day, and find what you are grateful for; if possible make a list. When you master the art of being grateful even in difficult moments you will always have a joy source.

3. Doing random acts of kindness

The thing with joy is that it has a moral compass, it is not just about the feel-good moments, it goes deeper. When we give joy and love to others it is somehow given back to us, we feel it in our insides. When you help a stranger, volunteer at a shelter, make someone laugh you find yourself more joyful than when you spend the day trying to figure out how to make yourself happy without having shared the gift. Start a wave of love, of joy-giving everywhere you are by doing a random act of kindness to a stranger; when you start the ripple it goes on and on from one person to the other. Imagine what a colorful world that would be, one colored with love and joy all over.

4. Feed on adventure

We are a naturally inquisitive species, we feed on an adventure. Learning something new daily or getting more information on what you already know and enjoy can be a great source of joy. Try new things, travel and visit new places. Pick up a new hobby, monotony dulls up your brilliant mind. Get involved in something you love. Take a leap, l mean what is the worst that could happen, you find out you are not good at painting, well try hiking instead. There is immense joy in learning and trying new things.

5. Find purpose

Purpose is a reason to be, it gives you something to look forward to, something bigger than yourself and we all crave for that feeling of being useful. When responsibility aligns with your passion, purpose is found. Discover what sets you aflame, know your passion, that is the first step. Take responsibility for that passion, daily give yourself tasks to complete. If you love writing, write a piece daily.

6. Indulge in joy aesthetics

There are just those little things that bring an immense feeling of joy when you come across them. For some, it might be bright colors, sunset pictures, nature. In ways, these things somehow are a representation of the aesthetics of joy- abundance, renewal, and celebration. Incorporate all these small effects into your daily living, paint your room bright, blow bubbles if you want to.

7. Self-care routines

Treat yourself right, give yourself a break when it’s needed. Take yourself on a spa date, eat that meal you love. When you are cared for, you are joyful.

8. Spending time with your loved ones

These people often bring out the best version of us. Spend time with family, friends, it often is a reboot to your joy.

9. Listening or indulging in spiritually elevating or motivation activities

As a religious person l often find myself joyful when I’m listening to sermons, uplifting worship songs. You ought to find activities that you find enlightening, spiritually eddying and you spend time on it.

10. Taking action towards a goal, inspiration, and epiphanies

Commitment gives off a feel-good factor; when you take a step on your goal you feel good about yourself. Find moments of inspiration from talking to strangers, taking a walk in the park. Take a leap towards your goal even if you fail you will still find joy in the journey of trying.

Decide to be joyful, be intentional about your daily activities, and choose those that feed your joy stream.