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In Love with Words Series -Expression Through Writing


Expression Through Writing

A romantic love letter is designed to make the other party feel special and honored. The following are some of the points that should be included when considering the format and content of a romantic love letter:

• Writing from the heart and being as authentic as possible will help in the design of the letter’s content. Choosing words carefully that are intended to touch the very heart of the intended recipient will also contribute to the letter being special and heartfelt.

• Mentioning an action or a word that has inspired the individual’s initial reaction to writing the letter should be expressed. This will show the recipient that the individual has been giving the action or the word some thought.

• Thanking the intended recipient for the inspiration that they seem to ignite in the author of the love letter is also another angle to include in the writing of the love letter. Thanking the intended for the positive feelings surfacing and the sudden or heightened positive vibes that have caused changes should also be included.

• Explaining the reason the recipient matters to the author of the love letter and how life has changed for the better simply with the presence of the recipient in his or her life even if it is through an online connection will help to further express the impact made and felt.


No matter if you are near or if you are far, it is important that you express your love towards someone. After reading this book you should have learned some ways in which you can show your emotions. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old or shy, there is a way! All it takes in most cases is a pad of paper and a pen or simply speaking sincere loving thoughts. I wish you the best, good luck!

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