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Holistic Development of the Whole Person Series - Wellness Assessment Tool


Now that you understand the various dimensions of wellness and becoming a whole person, you can determine in which areas you are strong and where you need to grow. There are many different self-assessment tools available online, including helpful checklists to help you identify specific behaviors in each dimension.

The following suggested questionnaire is not a diagnostic tool but merely a helpful guide to your own self-assessment efforts. It is best used for self-reflection and to guide goal setting.

How To

For each of the dimensions, carefully read each statement. Determine the frequency with which you engage in each behavior, with “1” being Never and “4” being Always. Write down your score for each statement, the tally up the totals for each of the seven dimensions listed.


1. I regularly engage in physical exercise, i.e., 30 minutes at least 5 times a week, or 10,000 steps a day.

2. I get 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

3. I engage in behaviors that protect me and others from getting sick, including washing my hands, covering my cough, etc.

4. I don’t drink alcohol or, if I do, I drink no more than one drink per day.

5. I avoid using recreational drugs or tobacco products.

6. I eat a balanced diet that is based on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains.

7. I get a regular physical exam to monitor my health.


1. I regularly think about what is important in life. Who am I? What do I value? Where do I fit in? What are my goals?

2. I find balance between serving my own needs and those of others.

3. I engage in acts of goodwill and caring without expecting anything in return.

4. I sympathize or empathize with those who are suffering. I try to help them through difficult times.

5. My values guide my life’s priorities as well as my actions.

6. I feel connected to something larger than myself, which could include a supreme being, nature, the connectedness of all living things, humanity, or a community.

7. I feel like my life has purpose and meaning.


1. I easily express my emotions in constructive, positive ways.

2. I know when I am stressed. I have a stress management plan.

3. I am resilient. I bounce back easily after experiencing disappointment or problems.

4. I maintain a balance with work, family, friends and other obligations.

5. I am flexible. I can adapt or adjust to change in a positive way.

6. I am able to make decisions without undue stress or worry.

7. I am able to express my anger in non-confrontational or non-hurtful ways


1. I recognize how my actions impact my environment.

2. I take time to appreciate my surroundings.

3. I am aware of health and wellness resources available to me.

4. I engage in environmentally-conscious behaviors.

5. I contribute towards making the environment of our planet safer and healthier.

6. I surround myself with people who support me.

7. I feel safe in my living environment.


1. I am curious and interested in the world around me.

2. I search for learning opportunities that stimulate my mental activities.

3. I manage my time well.

4. I enjoy sharing knowledge or skills with others.

5. I seek opportunities to learn practical skills that benefit me and can help others.

6. I critically consider the opinions and information presented by others. I provide constructive feedback when needed.

7. I am confident in my ability to solve my problems.


1. I consciously try to alter behaviors or attitudes that have previously caused problems in my interactions with others.

2. I choose partner(s) who respect my wants, needs, and choices in my dating or sexual relationships.

3. I feel supported, cared for and respected in my relationships.

4. I communicate effectively with others, including sharing my views and listening to those of others.

5. I consider the feelings of others, and I do not act in hurtful or selfish ways.

6. I try to see the good in my friends and support them.

7. I participate in a wide variety of social activities. I find opportunities to form new relationships.


1. I get personal satisfaction and enrichment from my work.