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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series Continued

Believe it or not, there is a strong correlation between the human body and nature. While much of our lives is spent indoors (hello, 8-hour office work days), human beings benefit a lot from spending time outdoors. Because human beings are creatures, we respond positively to fresh air, sunlight, and plants.

Outdoor activities like gardening are excellent healing practices. Not only does gardening get you outdoors, but it also gives you a strong sense of responsibility. Tending to any type of garden requires hard work, determination, and care – putting this type of work into growing another living thing is valuable, rewarding work that nourishes your spirit.

Think About Your Life And Where It’s Going; Make A Plan With Goals And Aspirations

Imagine going on a long car trip to a new destination: Without a map to guide you, you’ll likely waste a lot of time making wrong turns and getting lost along the way. Living a life with no direction feels similar to traveling without a map. You need that plan to guide you along.

Spend time thinking about your life and where you want to go. Look at your goals and aspirations as your “final destination.” To reach that destination on your life’s map, what roads will you take to get there? Determining where your life is going and the plan, you’ll use to get there is a healing practice. It provides a weary mind and inner self with some guidance and stability as you continue traveling through your life.

Make A “Why I Love Me” List

There will be days where you’ll have a really hard time loving yourself. Unfortunately, life can bring you down in a variety of ways. In moments like these, it’s essential to have a tool you can use to remind yourself why you’re a good person who deserves self-love.

Take some time to create a “Why I Love Me” list. Challenge yourself to come up with a minimum of twenty (yes, twenty!) different reasons why you love yourself. Your reasons can be your special skills, your personality traits, your values, or any other aspects of yourself that make you feel self-appreciation or self-love.

Not only will challenging yourself to create this list remind you of your great qualities, but it’ll also serve as a great tool to reference the next time you’re feeling down about yourself. As an added bonus, you can continue adding to your list as you think of new aspects about yourself to add.

Recite Positive Affirmations

Affirmations, or short phrases you use to manifest goodness and truth in your life, are extremely powerful. When you choose affirmations to recite and repeat to yourself, you’re driving home powerful truths and beliefs to yourself.

Make a habit to recite your chosen positive affirmations each day. For example, many folks like to keep them attached or written to their bathroom or bedroom mirrors to repeat each morning as they get ready to start their days.

Positive affirmations can help you adjust your thinking and align your thoughts on any topic. To get started with affirmations, consider some of the examples below:

● I deserve good things in life.

● Today is going to be a good day.

● I am going to be a positive force in the world today.

● I love myself.

● I am beautiful, smart, strong, intelligent, etc.

● Nothing can stop me from finding success.

● I have the power to make good choices.


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